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July 44 p.m.Annual General Meeting
July 51 p.m.Parent & Child 16 & Over
July 84 p.m.First Yoga for Golf
July 111 p.m. Husband & Wife (The Turtle)
Jully 113 p.m. Cocktails
July 121 p.m.Parent & Child Under 16
July 148:30amJunior Field Day
July 158:30amLadies' Invitational
July 1610 amMen's Invitational
July 167 p.m.First Movie Night
July 18-19All dayMoustache Cup (Men 50 & Up)
July 18-19All dayThe IMP (Ladies)
July 196 p.m.Chico’s Talent Night/Dinner
July 247 p.m. Cocktails and Night Golf
New Fixture Card as of June 22nd
Opening Dinner Dance

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