Weekly Bulletin - Wednesday August 14,  2019

Match & Handicap

Congratulations to our new 2019 Ladies Club Champions for a terrific weekend of golf with well earned and well played victories.   Thanks to Barb Campbell and her team for making sure the tournament ran without a hitch.


The Senior Club Championships including the Don Armstrong Cup for men's low gross, the Crystal Cup for ladies’ low gross as well as the Loon Trophy for low net, will be played for this Thursday and Friday August 15th and 16th starting time 9: 00 a.m. Golfers will be informed of tee off times by phone.  The course closes at 8:30 a.m.  Please sign up in the starter Shack before 5 p.m. on Wednesday August 14th.   


The Men's Club Championships will be played this Saturday and Sunday August 17th and 18th.  Final round will be played on Saturday August 24 th.  The course will be closed at 5:30a.m. each day.  Start time is 8:00 a.m. Golfers will be informed of tee off times by phone.  Sign up sheet will be in the shack until 5 p.m. Friday, August 23. 


The Grandparents Trophy will be played for on Sunday August 25th.  This net tournament can be played anytime during the day but you must declare your round to the starter before playing and you must be a Grandparent.


Good luck to all our players and remember to replace your divots and repair your ball marks!


-Chrys Tindale, Club Captain

Ladies Golf

The ladies were treated to a little “Theatre on the Green” as a troupe of LPGA wannabbes acted out real-life situations where the basic rules of golf come into play. Heading the cast was the charming Sharon Leslie in the lead role while Cathy Ashley played the part of her sinister golf partner. Actresses in a Supporting Role were Kate Tindale in the Titleist role as ‘The Ball’, Dianne Vanstone as the poor ‘Provisional Ball’ that always seems to go farther than the original but seldom counts, two upright ladies as ‘Red Stakes’ – Lois Finch and Peggy Carroll while Lynn Palmer was “out standing on the green” as ‘The Flagstick’. Not to be outdone, Anna Robertson wore an Oscar de la Forest original in her role as ‘The Bush’. Below is a photo of the cast…

Ladies for Babs report.jpg

We understand that Mitch Azaria will be contacting each of them for next year’s Film Night in the Clubhouse…


Whack ‘N’ Hack

Scores for this team tournament were between 82 and 89 - very competitive groupings.

First place winners with an 82 were Lynn “Flag Stick” Palmer, Isobel St Georges, Becky Thompson and Peggy “Red Stake” Carroll.

Second place went to Mary Sutherland, Ingrid Gratz, Dianne Burk and Carol Wilson.


Ladies Club Championship

Un gros merci to all those who participated and made the tournament fun.  Congratulations to the winners:


1st place – Barb Campbell

2nd place – Tracy Wightman

3rd place – Mary Sutherland



1st place – Tina Moore

2nd place – Dianne Vanstone

3rd place – Angie MacLeod



1st place – Judy Hammond

2nd place – Dianne Burk

3rd place – Anna Robertson



1st place – Debbie Sutherland

2nd place – Tie – Becky Thompson & Bev Lough

3rd place – Lois Finch

Photos courtesy of: June Parker & Angie Macleod

Junior Club Championship Results August 1 & 2

Special thanks to all who joined us for the Carole’s Pizza lunch at the conclusion of Day 1. It’s not easy to play in front of a gallery! We appreciate the support. Congrats to all 26 participants and the winners.

Class A (36 holes)

Winner: Mark McLeod

Runner-up: Fin Wightman

Girls winner: Amy McLeod

Girls runner-up: Nicole Adams


Class B (18 holes)

Winner: Tate Wightman

Runner-up: Dylan Adams

Girls winner: Charlotte McFadzean



Class C (18 holes)

Winner: Harry Ritchie

Runner-up: Thomas Edey

Girls winner: Jilliane Edey


Class D (18 holes from 150 yards)

Overall winner: Elizabeth Boucher

Runner-up: Henry Wynn


Class E (6 holes from 150 yards)

Winner: Theo Finch

Over the next week, DCC Juniors will participate in several Golf Quebec events as well as Golf Canada’s Drive, Chip & Putt contest. Stories will be in next week’s newsletter!


Mark McLeod (age 13) has reached a handicap lower than 15 this summer which allows him to play in the Men’s Club Championship. His fellow Junior golfers will be cheering him on when he tees it up next weekend! Good luck to Mark and all of the competitors.


We’d like to remind juniors (and parents) to carefully oversee that all scores for rounds played are entered (and entered correctly with Equitable Stroke Control applied). We will have greater emphasis, training, and oversight on this next year to further foster the spirit of the game.  You can read more here https://golfcanada.ca/handicapping/


Etiquette 101 - THE SPIRIT OF THE GAME (From Golf Canada)

“Unlike many sports, golf is played, for the most part, without the supervision of a referee or umpire. The game relies on the integrity of the individual to show consideration for other players and to abide by the Rules. All players should conduct themselves in a disciplined manner, demonstrating courtesy and sportsmanship at all times, irrespective of how competitive they may be. This is the spirit of the game of golf.”


-Trudy Adams, Director, Junior Program & Co-Captain

Congratulations to our Senior Men's Interclub Champions!

Our senior men won 28 of a possible 40 points, an outstanding performance this year! A great team effort, it was quite a celebration!  Thank you to all the ladies who volunteered to host a great event.


Congratulations to all!

-Rod Armstrong, Team Captain, Men's Senior Interclub 2019

Mens Sr Intersectionals 2019.jpg
Environment Report

In order to cut down on the waste generated by the golf club, we are now using compost bins to collect waste that can be disposed of in the large municipal bin at the corner of Boyd Road. Recycling bins should also be used whenever possible. Together we can eliminate most of the garbage that the golf club produces!


GREEN BINS (smaller, olive green plastic bins with wheels): These bins are not just for backyard compost, the municipality is now collecting a wider range of materials for processing at a composting facility. The compostable paper bags in the clubhouse kitchen can be used to collect material for these bins, including: All organics (including meat & bones), paper plates, napkins, food-soiled cardboard. These bins should be emptied in the large municipal bin at the corner of Boyd Road.


RECYCLING BINS (large blue bins). Paper and clean cardboard, metal, plastics with the following symbols:



MATERIALS TO AVOID: Please avoid styrofoam and Red Solo cups. These materials are not recyclable or compostable and will end up in a landfill. Cheap paper plates (e.g. Chinet) can be put in the green bin, and the cost difference is negligible. Many plastic cups are recyclable, just look for the number on the bottom (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7). If at all possible, use real plates, cutlery and glasses for events to minimize the environmental impact.


Before throwing anything out, ask yourself (or someone who knows) if it can be disposed of in the green bins (Best) or recycling bins (Better). Feel free to address any questions to me at pw.dunany@gmail.com.


-Paul Wilson, Director, Environment

Sing with Glee Pub Night on Friday August 16th, 7:30 p.m.

By popular demand, Dunany Glee Club is back to host another evening of song!


We have a fun-filled night of musical entertainment and lots of opportunities for you to join us in song with popular tunes - or clap along or tap you feet - whatever you like.


Don't know the words? Don't worry! Lyrics will be provided in songbooks and on a large screen along with various musicians helping out with the accompaniment!


Appetizers and finger foods are included in cost of admission of $10.


Looking forward to singing with you on Friday!


Cathy Ashley –Director, Dunany Glee Club

Clubhouse Reno Header Aug 6-19.JPG

Another fabulous Fundraising event was held on Friday at the Swaine cottage on Boyd lake hosted by Pierre and Bonnie Swaine and Heather and Isaac Perez.  Great food, great company and lots of questions ably answered by our DCC team.  A great turnout of Boyd lakers moved participation rates significantly and is getting us closer to our goal of $300,000!


The next fundraising party is for Clear Lake and Lake Louisa on Sunday, August 18 hosted by Peter and Bonnie Curtin.  There will be an exciting ‘wine raffle’ where participants can win over 20 yummy bottles of wine!


Our Fundraising event for Black Lake hosted by Cathy Ashley Leslie is confirmed for Monday, August 19 with appetizers, nibblies and a Leslie favourite . . . martinis!



Michael Fehr will be on hand at both events as will Board members who can share why this project is so important to the DCC and answer any questions.  If you have been unable to attend one of the other lake parties and would like to join one of these – please let us know, everyone is welcome!


We are continuing to receive questions from members regarding plans, the budget and the focus on the golf course. Please have a quick look at our website: Clubhouse Updates


You’ll be impressed what’s there!


To check out our fundraising progress please see our updated Leadership Boards in the Starter Shack and the Club House. Pledges are coming in all shapes and sizes.  Your participation is really what counts in making this project successful.  


Every member counts.  Every gift counts!  Together we can make this happen! 

Join us for the Dunany Artists Studio August 22 & 23, 5pm - 8pm


The bar will be open, musicians will entertain you!

Dunany Studio Artists 2019.JPG


There is still plenty of time left this summer to dive into a good book and we wish to thank Lois Finch for helping organize the little lending library at the Starter Shack. Come and check out the shelves!


If you have Dunany news, stories and photos please share them with Cindy Aikman at aikmancindy@gmail.com