"The rustic charm of the clubhouse paired with the natural beauty of the golf course and surrounding environment make the Dunany Country Club the perfect venue for a wedding. We were absolutely thrilled with how everything turned out!"     Wilson-Downs  wedding 2015
  • Interior seating for 144 (extra charge for linen rental)

  • Exterior seating for 160, depending on tent size (extra charge for tent rental)

  • Outside Barbques x 3

  • Equipped kitchen

  • Full bar 


All rates include taxes and cleaning.

Private party for non members: $1,250. Use of DCC bar required.
For members:  $900.
Celebrations open to all DCC members: $150

All Lessees may use DCC bar or get their own liquor permit (see below)

If table linens are used an additional cost of $50 will apply.
If the barbeque or kitchen is used to prepare the meal a charge of $25 for each will apply.

The definition of which is a party and which is a celebration will be determined
by the house chairman in consultation with the board of directors (if necessary).

Liquor Permit:

1.    A person hosting a party, wedding, celebration, etc in a public place must obtain a permit from the RACJ to serve or sell alcohol.
2.    The cost of the permit is applicable to the renter and is approximately $35.
3.    The cost to sell is approximately $75.
4.    The alcohol served, including beer and wine must be purchased in Quebec but need not be tax added.
5.    The house chairman will assist you in obtaining a permit. It is relatively simple but requires at least 2-3 weeks time ahead.
6.    The RACJ www.racj.gouv.qc.ca is very helpful.
7.    Upon request the DCC may provide a bar service whereby the renter uses our bar facilities and pays the club our bar rate per drink or offers a cash bar to the guests.


Payment for all rentals must be made in 3 cheques made out to Dunany Country Club 
due when the contract is delivered.

● Cheque 1: $200 (members) or $300 (non members) dated the day the contract is delivered. This payment is non refundable.
● Cheque 2: $350 (members) or $900 (non members) plus any amount for linens and barbeque dated the day of the rental
● Cheque 3: $250 refundable damage deposit

For more information, please contact: our House Chairman- Peter Parsons

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