Heritage Clubhouse Renovation Update - August 2019

  • Kitchen last renovated 30 years ago; previous improvements have been ‘piecemeal’; several shortcomings identified

  • In 2014, Board approved an investment for the kitchen and put $20K aside in the Capital Plan

  • Summer 2015 - Kitchen design developed and costed; $30K required

  • Fall 2015 - Board of Directors determined that before putting $30K into a kitchen, the overall requirements of the Club House and associated facilities should be looked at more holistically

  • Fall/Winter 2015 – in depth interviews with 12 community leaders and regular users of the club on:  functional requirements, shortcomings and opportunities from different user perspectives

  • Findings developed and options presented to Board and core team May/June 2016

  • Summer/Fall 2016 – Designs fine-tuned to incorporate suggestions and feedback – 4 Options developed

  • Summer 2017 – Board approved continuing with project work and providing ‘information sessions’ to membership

  • Aug/Sept 2017 - 3 Information sessions delivered - feedback from those present showed that 28 of the 40 attendees, preferred the more comprehensive, more complete renovation options

  • October 2017 – Meeting with the Mayor who advised that funding would be available if we did a 4-season facility which could be used as an “Emergency Measures” shelter in the event of a disaster. 

  • Oct.  2017 - Board approved $12K to work with Todd Richards, certified Architect, and develop permit ready drawings for a 3 and 4-season facility; becomes clear that as a commercial establishment new Quebec Building Code would apply and add cost

  • New Permit Ready drawings featured at 2018 DCC AGM; membership updated regularly on progress through Newsletters

  • Work continued in Fall/Winter 2018/19 to cost construction using local unionized contractor; taking out ‘extras’ and trying to bring costs down

Original Project Principals

  • preserve the “Rustic Charm” of the building – does not need to be ‘glitzy’ – that’s not what the community is all about

  • make sure that it is safe for members and secure from theft

  • make sure that the ‘basics’ are sound before we invest on top of them

  • enhance the functionality to make it easier and more efficient for our volunteers to do their work

  • We wanted to increase seating capacity but found it to be cost prohibitive.  None of our current plans call for a change in seating capacity.

  • keep the renovation costs down using the resources of the community

  • We don’t want to substantially increase future maintenance costs

  • We don’t want to take on debt and burden the next generation of members

  • possibly offer smaller, more casual opportunities for people to come out to the Club

Current Status of the Clubhouse

  • From a DCC perspective there is no Case for a 4-season building.  A 3-season building meets our current needs

  • We received a quote of $605,000 for a four season build which we felt was an unattainable amount for DCC to raise.  There may be an additional $100k available to us from the 4 Municipalities, but only if we commit to become a 4 season emergency shelter with heat, shower, generator etc.  We do not know the ramifications of that kind of relationship at this time, and if there are any “strings attached”.  So for now, we will park the 4-season option, and concentrate on a 3 season renovation.   We can always follow up with the Municipalities at a later date regarding Emergency Shelter status. 

  • Repairs and minor improvements have been made to the Club House over the past few years, but some major areas remain an issue:  storage, kitchen efficiency, bar capacity, bathrooms, roof

  • We have invested in the golf course and will continue to do so; the Capital Budget will be spent solely on Golf course improvements and equipment for the next 5 years

  • The Club House is the heart of the Dunany Community.  It needs to be updated to meet our current needs; the longer we wait, the more expensive it will be to maintain

  • There is momentum to build for the future; a lot of work has been done; some financial support exists;

  • We need to decide what we want to build & what we can afford

3 Season Building Plans
Plans exterior

Plans exterior

Floor Plan

Floor Plan

Summary of the 3 season Building Plan


The building plan is to complete a 3 season facility that addresses the key requirements previously set out (kitchen, bar, storage). We no longer plan to enclose the 7th veranda as indicated on the plans above. 


Includes new & larger kitchen with mostly new appliances, new & larger bar with mostly new equipment & appliances, new (interior access) bathrooms, storage for kitchen, bar, tables, chairs & misc.  Full size veranda on East & West sides, improved landscaping/grading/paths.  Foundation with unfinished basement. Insulated roof.  All or partially new Septic & Well.  Any/all existing maintenance issues will be resolved.



No heating or air conditioning.  Foundation is not insulated.  Increased annual operation costs of approximately $2,000 - $3,000. 

(insurance approx. $1,000-1,500 plus property tax approx. $900)

Building Schedule


Building could start in September 2020 & could be completed by Mid June 2022

Building Financing

The cost for this 3 season Clubhouse renovation is approximately $450,000.  We plan to finance the build as follows:

  1. $150,000 - Member Donations.  We have a group of members currently working on raising funds within our community.  We currently have $150k of pledges which we will confirm this Summer. 

  2. $100,000 - $150,000 - Additional Member Donations.  Our Fundraising Team will continue their work this summer in an effort to raise an additional $100-200k.  If you are interested in hearing about the possibility of donating to the project, please contact Lynn Palmer at lynn.palmer@rogers.com

  3. $75,000 - DCC Cash Reserves .  We currently have $170k in cash reserves.  We would commit $75k to this project.

  4. $30,000 - DCC Tree Harvesting.  DCC realized $20k cash + $10k tax credit over 5 years from harvesting some of our back property over the winter of 2019.  We would commit this income to the project.

  5. $50,000 - Member Assessment.  There could be a nominal member assessment totaling approximately $50k.  This is based on an assessment of $100 per year per regular member for 3 years.   

Recommended Plan for Summer/Fall 2019

We need to decide what we want to build and what we can afford to build.   We currently have $150K of committed member pledges which will be re-confirmed this Summer.  If we are able to secure an additional $150k of donations from our membership this Summer, we should be able to proceed with this 3 season project. 

At this stage, we are recommending that the Fundraising team work over the summer to confirm the current $150k member donations and to determine what can be raised in the way of additional donations.   


Also, during the Summer, the Building Committee would finalize costs and specific details re major components, i.e. roofing, septic, possible well etc. 


In the Fall of 2019, armed with information gathered over the Summer, the Board will meet to make a final decision.   



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