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Improvements need to be made to our Club House to make it more efficient for volunteers to work in, and to ensure that it meets our Club’s needs now and into the future.  We hope to have work completed in time for our Centennial Anniversary in 2022


In 2015, in-depth interviews were conducted with members who use the Clubhouse and it’s facilities a great deal as organizers, as volunteers and as patrons.   These interviews identified necessary maintenance, shortcomings with the existing design, and opportunities for improvement.

All input was then classified as “Essential” and must be done, or as “Enhancement” which is just that, not essential, but items that could further enhance the functionality of the Club House.

Essential Elements of maintenance and/or improvement include:


  • New Tin Roof for entire Clubhouse

  • Adding storage for tables, chairs and kitchen equipment

  • Paint the interior, exterior and windows

  • An expanded, more efficient kitchen with a better layout/workflow and new or upgraded fridge, that will improve working conditions for our volunteers.

  • A more efficient bar with a better layout/workflow with new or upgraded fridges, that will improve working conditions for our volunteers.

  • Level & landscape all surfaces surrounding & accessing Clubhouse, tent area & bar-b-que for:  safety (including smoking area), ease of access & ease of use.

  • Redirect & define 7th & 9th cart paths around Clubhouse for safety, ease of access & ease of use.

  • External lighting & safety railings

  • Better lighting & ventilation

  • Pest Proofing (mice, squirrels, ants)

  • Ensure that the posts and footings are strong

  • Ensure that the septic system and washrooms meet our needs

  • Verify electrical infrastructure

  • Review security system needs

Enhancement Elements of improvement include:

  • Larger kitchen with more separate space for dishwashing & food preparation

  • Larger & redesigned bar with new fridges and room for up to 4 bartenders

  • Larger main hall to create more space between tables for serving and moving about at large events where members are seated, and/or to increase seating capacity: 

Current Capacity:

120 seated (8 per table) comfortable fit

152 seated (10 per table) tight fit​


Proposed Capacity:

144 seated (8 per table) comfortable fit

180 seated (10 per table) tight fit


  • Larger veranda facing the 8th for additional seating or social events that are not large enough to warrant opening main hall in the clubhouse (ie lawn bowling).

  • Back entrance to main hall that doesn’t route members through the kitchen & also serves as a better handicap entrance

  • New bathrooms, accessible from inside the clubhouse

  • More shaded area for watching golfers on the 9th hole

With these Essential and Enhancement elements in mind, four design options were developed.  All four designs address all of the Essential Elements. Options 2, 3 & 4 address some or all of the Enhancement Elements





**Building costs are estimates at this point.

**Financing scenarios at this stage are more of a guideline to demonstrate our potential areas of financial sources.  All amounts are estimates.

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