Spring 2018 Newsletter

Presidents Report

Welcome to another season at Dunany Country Club!

The year of 2017 was one full of many changes for the Club.  The transition to new administration, the first full year for our new Golf Superintendent and the adjustment of our financial year end to the calendar, to name a few.

Ingrid Gratz will cover our financial results in greater detail in her report. We finished 2017 with a higher than budgeted loss primarily due to unbudgeted expenses. The focus of the Board in 2018 will be to bring our Club to a path of consistent profitability. The implementation of new processes, improved cost controls and a small increase in annual dues should make our goals achievable.

The succession plan to Diana Minty’s well-deserved retirement was no easy task. Ingrid did an outstanding job of leading the transition process.  A huge thank you to Ingrid for her countless hours to bring on our new administrative team of Catherine Spaulding and Stephanie Logothetis to assure continuity in 2018.

I would be remiss to not mention the hard work and excellent quality of play we enjoyed in 2017.  Led by our Superintendent, Chris Hart and his team, they did a fantastic job with our course.  Thank you for all that you do!

The 2018 operating budget includes an increase in the annual dues by 3%. In addition, we have also adjusted the cost of the Social and Green Fee tickets from $20.00 to $25.00 to match our green fees and simplify processes for social events.

As you know, we have started to explore different possibilities for upgrading our Clubhouse facilities and the financial implications of various scenarios.  The Clubhouse Improvement Committee, led by Lynn Palmer has dedicated immeasurable hours working closely with the Mayor, Jason Morrison and the Municipality of Wentworth to investigate all options and potential sources of funding. We look forward to reviewing the options and detailed costing by the end of this season. I can’t begin to thank Lynn and the entire team for all their efforts.

We were all devastated by the recent loss of Ross Leslie.  To say that Ross will be missed is a huge understatement.  Ross was one of the first people that I met when I was first introduced to Dunany back in the 1980s.  As an ambassador of the Club, you could not find a better person.  He made everyone feel welcome at the Club and his enthusiasm for Dunany was contagious. Our thoughts and prayers are with Cathy and Lauren as the Dunany community mourns his loss.

This will be my final report as President of the Dunany County Club.  It has been a pleasure to serve the Dunany Country Club over the past 2 years.  I thank each one of the Board Members that I have worked with over that period to help guide the future of our Club. A big thank s to Lynn Palmer as I assume her role as Past President. Her guidance and dedication to Dunany Country Club over the past 2 years has not gone unnoticed.  We are thrilled that Lynn has agreed to Lead the Clubhouse Improvement Committee as we face some important decisions over the upcoming year.  Welcome to Michael Fehr as the new President. With Michael’s leadership, we are in great hands. 

Nominating Committee Report:

In accordance with the By-Laws of the Dunany Country Club, there will be an Annual General Meeting at the Dunany Country Club on Saturday June 23rd at 10:00am.  The following members have agreed to allow their names to stand in nomination for the Board of Directors of the Dunany Country Club in 2018.  All have agreed to act in the following chairs if elected.


President: Michael Fehr

Past-President: Norm Castator

Vice-President: Pierre Demers

Treasurer: Ingrid Gratz

Secretary: Andrea Minty



Club Captain and Match Committee: Chrys Tindale

Environment Committee: Paul Wilson

Greens Committee: Alan Morton

House Committee: Peter Parsons

Junior: Trudy Adams 

Ladies Committee: Judy Hammond

Communications Committee: Cindy Aikman

Social Committee: Jamie Armstrong

Member at Large: Scott Macleod


Norm Castator, President



Since this time last year, we have had a number of new members join our DCC Community.  Please join us in welcoming:

John Roach, partner of Maureen Dubiel

Jean MacGibbon & James Parris, former Dunanyite

Michael McAlpine, son of Susan McAlpine

Shannon McNamara & Frederick Castonguay, Lake Louisa

Will Ovenden, son of Member Jim Ovenden, nephew of Norm

Gail Robinson, Spouse of Member Brian Robinson

Caroline Melia, Spouse of Member Rick Joyce

Ryan Watson, Intermediate, nephew of member Shelly Cruise

Lyne Choinard, Brownsburg-Chatham

Alain Picard, Boyd Lake

New Members Wanted


We still have some openings for Introductory members.  If you know someone who is interested in joining the DCC and being part of our great community, please contact Lynn Palmer at lynn.palmer@rogers.com

Thanks for spreading the word!  


Club House Renovation Project

A very detailed update on the Club House Renovation Project was provided in our Winter Newsletter which can be found by clicking HERE


Since January, we have obtained the detailed drawings from the Quebec Certified Architect that we hired (Todd Richards, Grenier & Richards Architecture, Montreal) which were costed out by Stan Roy and Geoffrey Parsons, (qualified Quebec commercial contractor).   Our assumptions were made based on using unionized labour and having a 4-season facility that could be used for an “Emergency Shelter” in the case of a disaster.


In February, we met with Jason Morrison and Nathalie Black from Wentworth and briefed them on our project.  Jason has been very supportive of this initiative and on March 12th the Wentworth Council unanimously passed a motion to support the “Expansion and improvement of the Dunany Country Club Community Facility in Wentworth”.  As well, it would appear that the other 3 Municipalities (Gore, Brownsburg-Chatham and Lachute) would also be supportive of our project and would be willing to donate funds.


On February 23, with assistance from the MRC Argenteuil, we submitted an application for the “Programme de soutien aux installations sportives et récréatives Phase IV”.  This Provincial grant is specifically for improvements to sports facilities and can provide up to 50% of the construction costs.  We received letters of support from the Municipality and the Dunany Community Association.  We are awaiting the results of our proposal. 


So, the project is continuing to move forward in a very professional way.  I’d like to thank all the volunteers that have worked to take the project to this stage including John Vanstone, Stan Roy, Andrea Minty and Rod Armstrong.   We will hold a further information/feedback session this summer to keep you abreast of developments and will have the architectural drawings available for viewing at the Annual General Meeting in June.


Lynn Palmer, Past President




As voted at the Annual General Meeting last summer, our fiscal year-end was changed to December 31 from March 31 as in previous years.  As a result, our 2017 financial year spanned the nine-month period from April 1, 2017 to December 31, 2017.


Overall revenues were $253,900, slightly lower than our 2016 revenues of $255,100. This is largely due to the successful 2016 amnesty membership program that was no longer available in 2017.

While our shortened fiscal year affected revenues only marginally, a few of our fixed and year-long expenses, such as insurance, school taxes and depreciation are lower when compared to the prior year.  Our official fiscal results for the year show a net income of $2,600. However, if we create a pro-forma income statement that is comparable to the prior year and budget, and that includes a full year of fixed expenses, our results would have reflected a net loss $9,200, compared to a net loss of $100 in 2016 and a budgeted net loss of $7,400.  Of note, write-offs of uncollectible dues climbed for a second year to a total of $5,200.


In light of our conscious effort to improve our golf course, we invested in an additional five-year capital lease in the amount of $46,500. Our cash and term deposit position at year end remained largely unchanged at $151,200.


As always, we could not have performed the Finance function without the immeasurable help of Diana Minty, who retired last season, and Stephanie Logothetis and Catherine Spalding, who took on the difficult task of taking over. However, we could not have managed a smooth transition without the help of Andrea Minty, who lent valued advice on our accounting system and Diane Glionna, who jumped in whenever we were in desperate straits. Many, many thanks to you all!!

Ingrid Gratz, Treasurer

Match and Handicap

Another season of golf in Dunany is closing in fast!


We've gone through a very difficult winter of icy cold days and tons of late snow. Currently we are under another weather alert and believe it or not, we are expecting another 15-25 cm of snow/freezing rain tomorrow, Tuesday April 2. This is not an April fools.  However, toughest of all, is the loss of our beloved Past President, Club Captain and Official Historian Ross Leslie. My deepest condolences go out to his family, friends and neighbors. Ross will be greatly missed. His knowledge and history of our course and community cannot be replaced.  Let's celebrate Ross' life by getting out on the course he loved so much, and playing some golf.


Looking forward to Alan and his team’s excellent work on the course, giving us another season of superb conditions and great golf.  The improvements to the course, in a few short months last year were tremendous. This year should be no different


A focus of mine this year will be on speed of play.  I will be reminding folks throughout the year, how to take less time on the course. That, of course, means we can spend more time in the Nook.

I hope to see you all at our opening tournament the Raguin - Leslie Cup on June 30th. This is Ross Leslie's Family Cup and it would be wonderful to have a huge turnout.


Don't forget that the Men have the match play- Markham Cup Qualifying round on June 23 or 24th. Matches can be played anytime on either day. Please declare your round at the shack before playing, then have fun and go low.


Looking forward to seeing "tout le gang" at the opening meeting June 23 at 12:00 p.m.

Chrys Tindale, Club Captain


Spring and summer are, apparently, just around the corner and we are very excited about seeing how the course wintered the past few months. First glimpse is promising!

Last fall, the course was put to bed the cleanest I have ever seen due to the new blower that we purchased. This should allow our crew a head start on getting the greens into top shape earlier in the season! The greens remain our top priority, but we also wish to continue with cleaning up many overgrown wooded areas that we started last fall. This will help speed up play, but also allow for better airflow through the course which will aid in improving the quality of our course.


2018 will see us build upon the improvements made to the course last year and we look forward to seeing you out there enjoying the results of our crew’s hard work. We wish you all the best for a great golf season ahead! Don’t forget your golfer’s duty to replace your divots, rake the bunkers how you would like to find them and of course fix your ball marks.

On behalf of the Greens Department,


Alan Morton, Greens Chair



This summer, the recycling and composting programs we initiated last year will be expanded so as to further reduce the environmental impact of the golf club. If any members are interested in volunteering or have any suggestions for how best to do this, please do not hesitate to contact me. Members green day will take place this year on May 19th at 1:00 p.m., and all members are encouraged to help out with the spring cleanup and planting.

We have a significant amount of forest on our property, and in the coming months the Environment Committee will be engaging Terra-Bois (an independent forestry cooperative based out of Lachute) to assess the long-term health of the forest. In May we will have our forest audited by a consultant team from Terra-Bois to develop an environmental plan for the long-term management of our forest. As members, we have to view ourselves as stewards of the golf course property, and the professional assessment of the forest by Terra-Bois (which will include input from biologists, engineers and forestry technicians) will be an invaluable resource moving forward. More details will follow in the summer.


Some of you may be experiencing an infestation of beetles again this spring. The culprits are likely a species of Asian Lady Beetles (Harmonia axyridis), and the swarms can be quite numerous in people's homes as temperatures rise. These beetles are of a non-native species that was originally brought to North America to deal with aphid infestations of crops. While they do their job well, in the past 10-15 years they have been moving further north as temperatures rise, in much the same way that ticks have been moving into Dunany.


Unfortunately, there is no 'trick' to keeping them out of your homes, apart from looking for cracks and unsealed entrances to your home. They are gathering in warm areas in your cottage to combat cooler night-time temperatures, which is why people will experience infestations in the spring and fall. These beetles can release chemicals to signal others of their species, leading to larger groupings. If you find a group early and vacuum them up, it may be possible to limit their numbers. Be careful while emptying any vacuum bags or containers used to trap them; they can release an unpleasant odour as a defense mechanism. As outdoor temperatures rise, these bugs will head outside until the fall.


Looking forward to seeing everyone on the golf course!


Paul Wilson, Environment Director



Welcome back DCC Ladies and a special welcome to our newest DCC women members: Lyne Chouinard, Shannon McNamara, Gail Robinson, Caroline Melia Joyce, and Jean MacGibbon.


It’s been a tough winter for the DCC membership. We’re still reeling from the news of Ross Leslie’s sudden passing. We've lost long time member Dorothy Sutherland, and Lyne Chouinard’s father recently passed away. Our thoughts and prayers go out to all the families.


Looking out my porch window, it’s hard to believe that we will be driving off the first tee in eight or so short weeks. The lake is frozen and we still have lots of snow but behind-the-scenes, DCC Ladies' activities are already in play. Jean Sutherland-Towell and her team are working hard on this year’s quilt and our 2018 convenors are set to go.


Please take note of the enclosed 2018 fixture card. It lists important dates for women members including our Ladies Opening and Closing meetings, the date of our first Ladies Day, the Ladies Invitational, the Ladies Cocktail Party and the Ladies Club Championship.


We will host our Opening Meeting at the clubhouse, Sunday, June 24, 10 a.m. I hope you can all make it. Until then, enjoy Spring.


Judy Hammond, Ladies Chair

Yoga is Back

We are pleased to be able to offer Yoga again at the Club.  We will have two sessions – Monday at 9:00 a.m. and Wednesday at 4:00 p.m.  The Monday session will be given by Nancy Allen who has been offering courses at Wentworth over the winter.  Nancy will focus on preparing us for golf and maintains that all levels are welcome as “we twist, fold and balance together”.  There are no promises to shave strokes off your game, but you’ll leave feeling better than when you arrived! Nancy is a registered teacher with a designation of E-RYT 200.

Gaye Parsons will return and teach the Wednesday Class.  Gaye is also a certified Yoga instructor and will be offering “Yin” yoga – a slow paced style of yoga where postures are held for a longer period of time.

Yoga will begin July 4.  The cost for 10 sessions is $60.  Drop ins will be $10.00.  If you are interested in registering, please contact lynn.palmer@rogers.com



Kids are counting down to the end of the school year, meanwhile Costco will soon be stocking snowsuits! We have another great group of volunteers lined up to ensure another awesome summer in 2018:


I believe it’s important for our kids and all members to think of DCC as more than a golf course.  The Dunany Country Club provides golf, sports, social, employment and volunteering opportunities for many juniors.  Last year, in additional to all of the golf lessons and golf programming we included an environment field trip with Paul Wilson (water testing at 8th hole), a history lesson with Ross Leslie and two impromptu rainy evening family games nights.  At least 6 juniors played or did contests in the 1st Annual Mike Roy tournament and several participated in other Friday night golf pub nights, the car-rally and square dancing.  These multi-generational golf/social/learning events reinforce everything we love about Dunany values.  It’s always the next generation that will ensure the ongoing success of our club so please volunteer and support our junior members.  



The fixture card and website have and will continue to be updated so please check in for latest schedule of planned events. Please also request to join the Dunany Country Club Junior Program facebook group to receive and share news.  We’ll also be using TeamSnap again this summer to manage events and registrations so please activate your account when prompted.


Monday Junior Golf Lessons: Our Golf Pro, Marc Barbeau will be back to teach our junior golfers great tips and techniques.  Sarah Wilson will coordinate lessons this summer.

Tuesday Golf : Jeff Adams will be the Junior Golf Captain again in 2018. There are games, tournaments and challenges all summer leading up to the junior golf championship which will be held on August 2nd & 3rd.


Tuesday SPORTS night: Randy Swedburg will return with the classics and some new twists throughout the summer to keep our kids active (Frisbee-golf, beach volleyball, flag football etc… and of course the always popular “capture the flag”). 


Reminder: Because the number of kids interested in crafts has dwindled significantly in the last few years, in 2017 we cancelled craft night and introduced two concurrent sports nights instead: Kids 7 & under and Kids 8 & over.  The objective is to make sure everyone has a good time in a safe environment.  Groupings or games played may have to be adjusted each week in accordance with levels of participation.  We will explain this to the kids but would appreciate your cooperation in discussing it with them.  We will again be recruiting volunteer parents to assist Randy each week.


Thursday Movie Nights (for all ages) and Thursday Club Night (reserved for kids aged 13 to 16) remain on the calendar.  We’ll need volunteers each week!


Golf Field Day July 17th: This day requires a dozen volunteers! Junior golfers participate in golf challenges set up on each hole on the course.  There will be lots of prizes, activities and food during this event. Golf activities are also organized around the clubhouse for Dunany’s youngest (future junior golfers) starting mid-morning. All are invited but sign up is required to ensure good planning.

Family Sports Day on July 26th: Warren Neill and Karen Lines will once again lead the family sports day.  The afternoon is filled with races, contest, games, food and prizes. 

Chico’s talent night July 29th: Sharon Leslie and Scott Ritchie will lead this amazing event again this summer.  It’s been moved a little later in the calendar, with the hopes that kids will connect in groups and have more rehearsal time.  Expectations are high! 

The success of the Junior Program depends greatly on the support and assistance of parent volunteers.  For example, last year we made special arrangements for children as young as 6 to join weekly Tuesday golf and play in a three-hole format with a parent.  

If you know of a young person (non-member) interested in golf, please contact me to discuss the sponsorship program.    As always, love to hear from you about any ideas or concerns.  Let’s have a great summer together!

Trudy Adams, Director, Junior Program

jeffm_adams@yahoo.com or 450-990-8050




As I write this, my snowmobile is in storage and the first round of the Master’s is only a few short days away. For me, these are sure signs that spring is just around the corner. Although I truly enjoyed the type of winter we just had, I very much look forward to having several “good walks spoiled” as Samuel Clemens once described the game of golf.


If you take a quick glance at the fixture card, you will see how extensively our Clubhouse will be used over the summer. We all need to take good care of it, and to that end, I would ask that everyone treat all of our facilities as if they were their own. If you use the Clubhouse for an event, please leave it in a state you would like to find it.  We want to be respectful of the organizer for the next event at the Club.


Please do not hesitate to contact me if you wish to rent the Clubhouse. There are still a few weekend dates available in September.


Pierre Demers, House Chairman



Greetings friends!


Kelly & I just finished giving our dog Yoda a bath. This time of year, it is close to impossible to keep him clean as our backyard resembles the pond on the 8th. We are very much looking forward to being up north this summer where we can just throw that dirty boy in the lake! Also, if the country house gets dirty, it ain’t mine (sorry mom). Just kidding!

On a more serious note, I would like to reflect on an amazing summer of 2017. I would like to take this opportunity to thank a few people who contributed to the success of the summer.  Stan and Caroline Roy deserve many thanks for their hard work running multiple pub nights. The Classics playing music, BBQ pizza and draft beer; it does not get any better! We had a very competitive and enlightening night of Pub Trivia hosted and organized by Lorraine & David Tomalty and Paul WIlson. This event is definitely coming back this year, better start sprucing up on your pop culture knowledge. It goes without saying that we would like to thank the Armstrong, Minty & Azaria clans for hosting the championship dinners again! Looking forward to getting a sneak peak at this years menu.

Last summer we introduced multiple new events which were well received and attended. I would like to thank anyone (of which there were many) who had a hand in helping Scott and I with the 95th dinner. Special thanks to Steph Logothetis for helping with decor. We also launched what some believe will be the future of the Dunany Country Club: LAWN BOWLING! Would hope to see some other generations out in white for the 2nd annual. I heard that Drake loves lawn bowling…

Ev Wood has decided to hang up the bar towel this year. We thank him for his many years of service as our bar keep and stock boy. He did an excellent job ensuring the booze was in the right place at the right time! Dunany thanks you, Ev. Paul MacDougall has offered to take on Ev’s responsibilities. Welcome aboard, Pauly.


I would like to thank my baby bro, Scott Laekas for all of his contributions and support throughout the summer. Scott helped coordinate the volunteers and loaned a hand wherever required. Our favourite Dunany bartender, Sarah Armstrong, is leaving us to join the big leagues serving beverages to high-end golfers in Banff this summer. We would all like to express our gratitude and appreciation for the spectacular service she provided over the past two summers. We will miss you Sarah, don’t forget about where you cut your teeth). Lastly, I would not have been able to complete the summer without the help of two lovely ladies, my wife and my mom. Still down to help this year, right?


As always, Dunany Social runs on the backs of its members through volunteerism. We would not be able to host a single event without the efforts and time of our generous members. Thank you to anyone who volunteered last summer. If you are interested in lending a hand this season please email me or post on the Dunany Social group on Facebook. I will share a list of events which will require help.


I look forward to seeing all your beautiful faces at the Club, on the course or around the lake!




Jamie Armstrong, Social Director

The Dunany Country Club is deeply saddened to learn of the sudden passing of Ross Leslie this spring at the age of 58. While Ross lived in Montreal, Toronto and Newfoundland over the years, Dunany remained constant throughout his life.

Ross’s history in Dunany dates back to his grandparents, Rene and Beatrice Raguin, who bought the “White House” on Black Lake in 1931. Imagine there were only 4 cottages on Ross Road at the time. Ross descended from a proud family of golf enthusiasts who where also educators that instilled in their children a responsibility to give back to the community.

Ross’s grandfather, Rene, was an excellent golfer who served as Club President while Ross’s mother, Madeleine, went on to become the first woman elected to our Board of Directors and the first woman in Canadian Golf History to serve as a Club Captain.

Over a 20 year period Ross would follow suit by serving the DCC in many capacities including; Assistant Junior Captain, Club Captain, President and the current Chairman of the Honours Committee. He also worked to preserve the memory of DCC members who fought and served during the war years.

Growing up, Ross, his brother Trevor and sister Sharon spent endless summers playing golf, swimming and socializing in Dunany. Today, many DCC members will be apt to fondly share those childhood memories with a martini in hand.

A piece of Ross’s legacy will live on in the Raguin-Leslie Cup. The trophy was presented to the DCC by the Leslie siblings on the occasion of the 28th Wedding anniversary of their parents, Cameron and Madeleine in 1980. Ross’s name is on the cup no fewer than 3 times.

Ross, his wife Cathy and daughter Lauren, lived life to the fullest in Dunany, spending summers, Christmases and any precious free time here.

Each prize-giving, in addition to seeing Ross in his trademark sports jacket, members looked forward to his recanting of the provenance of each trophy, the history of the winners and their families.

By far Ross’s greatest gift was his passion for our community, his generous and uncanny ability to share his encyclopaedic knowledge of our Club with the utmost enthusiasm. His love for the DCC and our community was infectious and he will be greatly missed.

Few will be surprised to learn that Ross had made provisions in his will to facilitate a sizeable celebration of his life…we can all look forward to paying a tribute fit for Ross this summer.

Cindy Aikman, Communications Chair

Please note: Included in this email are:

- Dunany 2018 Fixture Card/Calendar

-Junior Golf & Activity Registration Form (click to email Trudy for updated version)

-Junior Sponsorship Application

Your invoice will be sent to you separately by email. Please pay before the deadline by Mail or On Line through Pay Pal


We are looking forward to another great season in 2018!