Dues are payable May 15th

According to DCC By-Laws:   Membership privileges will be suspended if not paid by June 15th
                                                    Deemed to have resigned from club if not paid by July 1

Please pick up your tickets at the Starter's Shack in the summer

PAY BY MAIL:                    Make cheques payable to Dunany Country Club and mail to:
                                             Dianne Gionna
                                             525 Curran Road
                                             Wentworth, QC  J8H OB2   


PAY ONLINE: You can now pay your annual dues online with PayPal.  PayPal charges a 3% service fee, plus .30 cents per transaction, both of which will be automatically added onto your payment if you choose to pay Online.  Here is how:

        1-Go to the bottom of this page

        2-Type in your name and the invoice number marked on your bill and click on the Pay Now button

        3-On the left side next to "Item Price", enter the full amount on your invoice (including taxes) and click on UPDATE

        4-Note the 3% PayPal Service fee has been added (appears as "tax")

        5-Note the .30 cent transaction fee has been added (appears as "shipping")

        6-Note the new total amount that will be charged to your credit or debit card

        7-In the right hand pane, fill in your PayPal payment information or credit card information and click LOG IN

        8-Confirm shipping and payment information

        9-Note at this point you can add a message to accompany your payment

        10-When you click on" Pay", the charge will be processed & you will receive an email confirmation of the payment. 

        11-The charge will appear on your debit or credit card as “PAYPAL DUNANYCOUNT”

By way of example.  The cost for 1 regular membership, including tickets & taxes is $746.51.  This is the amount you would enter at “Item Price”.  Your PayPal service fee would be $22.40.  The transaction fee is .30 cents.  The total amount that will be charged to your debit or credit card is $768.91

If you have questions about paying online, you can call Andrea Minty at  450-562-2105 (summer) or 416-766-4114 the rest of the year  

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