Spring 2019 Newsletter

President's Report


Welcome to a new season in Dunany! 


Okay, we’re so done with winter at this point in the year. Golf and a slew of fun social events are finally just around the corner at our beloved DCC.  


Clubhouse renovation Project:  As Lynn outlined briefly in the winter newsletter, we will present our plan, budget & funding options for the 3 season renovations at the AGM on Saturday June 22nd. I hope you plan to attend and be part of the plan moving forward. For those that are not able to attend the AGM we will post all the relevant information on the DCC website following the meeting.  


Nominating Committee Report: In accordance with the By-Laws of the Dunany Country Club, there will be an Annual General Meeting at the Dunany Country Club on Saturday June 22nd at 10:00 a.m. The following members have agreed to allow their names to stand in nomination for the Board of Directors of the Dunany Country Club in 2019.  


All have agreed to act in the following chairs if elected.



President: Michael Fehr

Past-President: Norm Castator

Vice-President: Pierre Demers

Treasurer: Ingrid Gratz

Secretary: Andrea Minty



House Committee: Peter Parsons

Junior Committee: Trudy Adams

Greens Committee: Alan Morton

Ladies Committee: Barb Armstrong

Communications Committee: Cindy Aikman

Social Committee: Scott Macleod

Member at Large: Jamie Armstrong

Captain and Match Committee: Chrys Tindale

Environment Committee: Paul Wilson


FinancialsIngrid and Stephanie have finalized the results from 2018 and we have our budget in place for 2019. (See details below in Ingrid’s summary). As we try to bring our business closer to a breakeven point this year, we will be taking the dues up minimally by +2%, in line with inflation, for the 2019 period.  Social and Green’s Tickets will remain the same as 2018 rates.  Stephanie will be e-mailing the invoices mid-April, so look for those in your inbox.  Please pay before the deadline of May 15, via e-transfer (preferred) or via a cheque in the mail.  Ingrid will review the 2018 financial results and present the 2019 Budget at the AGM.


Terra Bois Project:  As we reported in the winter newsletter, we are continuing to move forward with this important initiative that will improve the long-term health of the forests surrounding the golf course. Please see the update below from our Environment Director, Paul Wilson, who has dedicated an enormous amount of time to this project to ensure the best possible outcome


Lawn Bowling possible again in 2019:   Jim Finch has offered to help get lawn bowling organized this upcoming summer. So, Alan and Chris Hart will evaluate the lawn bowling area and determine if we can bring it back to a proper, functioning working surface for the season. Stay tuned for more details. And thank you Jim for offering to help organize this.


In Memorium:  Sadly, we have lost several DCC members, or past-members, over the fall and winter season. We wish to express our deepest condolences to the families and friends of John Brydon, Brian Bouskill, Marcel Raymond, Warren Gamble, Jim Peters and Bruce Murdoch. We know they will live on in the memories of many of us who knew them.


Big shout out to Judy Hammond:  what a great job Judy has done over the last 2 years with the Ladies Committee & her council on the Board. We leaned on Judy to help us with a number of key decisions and we thank Judy for her hard work and dedication to the DCC. We welcome Barb to the team (again) and wish Judy all the best.


Michael Fehr

President, DCC





Although our fairways are still covered in snow, I am watching golf tournaments on television and am very much starting to look forward to practicing what I have seen and learned on the small screen. Winter cannot disappear fast enough!


Finance activities have continued during the winter months. We have finalized the financial statements for the year ended December 31, 2018. Total revenues of $253,900 equaled overall revenues for the prior year. Expenses for the year were $265,400 compared to $251,300 for 2017. The increase was expected as some expenses, such as depreciation, insurance and property taxes were lower in 2017 due to the shortened, nine months, fiscal year. We made terrific cost savings in the social activities area but were offset by higher administrative salaries.


The overall net operating loss amounted to $11,500, whereas a break-even point had been forecasted in our 2018 budget. The main reason for this loss was higher than expected membership resignations and others moving to a lower paying membership category. Our cash and term deposit position at year-end increased by $10,700 to a total of $161,900.


During the next few days we will mail you the membership dues invoices for the upcoming season. The invoice will include a fee increase of 2% to cover our increasing golf course maintenance and administrative costs. The charge for guest tickets included on your invoice will remain the same, however please note that green fees, other than those billed on your invoice, will increase to $30 for the privilege of a day’s play.


We have completed the operating budget for the current year and will communicate it to the budget holders shortly. The Trust Income Tax return has been mailed and we are working on the Federal and Quebec Income Tax returns, which are due before our Season will be in full swing.

See you all soon!


Ingrid Gratz

2018 Green Day.jpg
Join us this year for Members Green Day on May 18th !


Spring and summer are, apparently, just around the corner and we are very excited about seeing how the course wintered the past few months. First glimpse is promising!


Last fall, the course was put to bed the cleanest I have ever seen due to the new blower that we purchased. This should allow our crew a head start on getting the greens into top shape earlier in the season!


The greens remain our top priority, but we also wish to continue with cleaning up many overgrown wooded areas that we started last fall. This will help speed up play, but also allow for better airflow through the course, which will aid in improving the quality of our course.


2019 will see us build upon the improvements made to the course last year and we look forward to seeing you out there enjoying the results of our crew’s hard work.


We wish you all the best for a great golf season ahead! Don’t forget your golfer’s duty to replace your divots, rake the bunkers how you would like to find them and of course fix your ball marks.


On behalf of the Greens Department,


Alan Morton

Greens Chair



It may still look like winter in Dunany, but spring is on its way! Members Green Day will take place this year on May 18th at 1:00 PM, and volunteers are needed to help with spring cleanup and planting around the golf course. The grounds crew works incredibly hard all year to keep our course in tip-top shape, and Green Day is a great opportunity for members to help them get a head start on the season.

The Terra-Bois forestry cooperative recently completed forestry operations on the east side of the golf course property. As planned, all the activity occurred while the ground was frozen in order to minimize the impacts on the forest floor, and existing roadways and paths were used as much as possible. In the coming weeks, we will obtain more detailed information about the yield, and a summary will be provided to members at that time. In the meantime, if anyone has any questions or concerns about the project, please don’t hesitate to contact me.


Paul Wilson
Environment Director



Please complete the junior registration form and return it with your annual dues. We have so much more than golf going on at DCC! It’s like a summer camp for families! There are so many family friendly events and even employment and volunteering opportunities for many of our juniors.  Multi-generational golf/sport/social/learning events reinforce everything we love about Dunany values.  It’s always the next generation that will ensure the ongoing success of our club so please volunteer and support our junior members.  

The fixture card and website have and will continue to be updated so please check in for latest schedule of planned events. Please also request to join the Dunany Country Club Junior Program facebook group to receive and share news throughout the summer.  We’ll also be using TeamSnap software again so please activate your account when prompted.


Monday Junior Golf Lessons: Our Golf Pro, Marc Barbeau will be back to teach our junior golfers great tips and techniques.  Sarah Wilson will assist with lesson coordination again this summer.

Tuesday Junior Golf: Jeff Adams will be the Junior Golf Captain again in 2019. He is looking for a Co-Captain to assist each week. There are games, tournaments and challenges all summer leading up to the Junior Club Championship, which will be held on August 1st & 2nd.


Tuesday SPORTS night: Randy Swedburg will return with the classics and some new twists throughout the summer to keep our kids active (Frisbee-golf, beach volleyball, flag football etc.… and of course the always popular “capture the flag”). 


Thursday Movie Nights (for all ages) and Thursday Club Night (reserved for kids aged 13 to 16) remain on the calendar.  We need volunteers for each week!

If you know of a young person (non-member) interested in golf, please contact me to discuss the sponsorship program.    As always, love to hear from you about any ideas or concerns.  Let’s have a great summer together!

Trudy Adams
Director, Junior Program


450-990-8050 Dunany

613-800-9310 Ottawa


New membership will continue to be a priority this year.  I am in the process of forming a team to help support our membership drive.  A big thank you to Kevin Carter, Kevin Havill, Nick Havill, Jeff Best and Peter Wright who have volunteered to help me out.  If you are interested in joining the team or if you know a golfer in the area that might be interested, please let us know!

I would also like to welcome Isaac Perez as a new member that has joined the Club over the winter.  Isaac is the spouse of Heather Swaine and we look forward to seeing him on the course!

We are looking at initiating an open house event and other activities to raise awareness in the area.  Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any thoughts on how to stimulate new membership interest.  Please contact the Starter Shack or email us at dccnewmembership@gmail.com


Norm Castator

New Members Welcome!
We have some openings for Introductory members. If you know someone who is interested in joining the DCC and being part of our great community,
Please contact Norm Castator at
 dccnewmembership@gmail.com or call 450-562-4885
Spread the word!

Match & Handicap

Here we are again at the start of another wonderful season at the DCC.  With the Master's only a week away golf is surely in the air.

I would like to remind everyone that there are new rules to play by in 2019.  Hopefully they will make our game more enjoyable and faster to play.  

Please take some time to inform yourselves of the new rules by taking the free Level 1 Rules Academy course offered by the Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrew's.  Www.randa.org/academy.   This is a great, free course designed to make learning the new rules easy and fun. 

We will also have some new 2019 Golf Canada Rules books available at the starter shack or you can order them through www.golfcanada.ca.

Don't miss the qualifying round of the Men's Markham Cup to be held on Saturday and Sunday June 21 and 22. That is the same weekend as our annual General Meeting and the Ladies Opening Meeting. 

Join us for our opening tournament, the Raquin-Leslie Cup, on Saturday June 29th at 10:00. That is the same day as the Director's dinner. 

 See you then and remember to bend your knees keep your head down!


Chrys Tindale
Club Captain

Ladies 2018.jpg


Welcome all new and returning ladies members. The 2019 DCC golf season is just around the corner. Please take a look at the enclosed fixture card. Important ladies events include:


Ladies Opening Meeting, Sunday, June 23, 

1st Ladies Day, Wednesday, June 26

Ladies Invitational, Wednesday, July 10

Ladies Cocktail Party, Saturday, August 3

Ladies Championship, August 9-11

Ladies Closing Meeting, Sunday, September 1


Introducing your new 2019 DCC Ladies Committee

Incoming President: Barbie Armstrong.  

Vice-President: Becky Thompson.  

Secretary: Isobel St Georges  

Past President: Judy Hammond L

Ladies Golf Captain: Babs Campbell.  

Assistant-Captain: Wendy Castator.  

Junior Captain: Trudy Adams.  


Volunteers Wanted

Needed ASAP: A green thumb volunteer who loves to create beautiful hanging baskets and flower boxes. The DCC Gardens Committee is ready to lend a helping hand if you are willing to oversee this year’s planting. Feeling inspired? Contact Judy Hammond for details, boomergirl@roadstories.ca


The Juniors program, quilt and event conveners, and the garden committee are always looking for extra pairs of hands. If you can help out this year, please let the Ladies Committee know. 


2019 Quilt

Stephanie Logothetis is overseeing the design and completion of this year’s Dunany Quilt. Quilting packages will go out shortly to all those who signed up to do a square. Volunteers are still needed to help put the quilt together later this spring. 


Bridge and Yoga are Back!

Bridge is back and not just for ladies. All are welcome to join. Games are Monday afternoons at the DCC. Contact Diana Minty to be added to this year’s list. 


Yoga is also back on Monday and Wednesday afternoons. More information and sign up sheets will be available soon.


Watch for occasional eblasts from the Ladies Committee to keep you in the know on all of the above.


Until then, enjoy spring and see you soon.


Judy Hammond

Outgoing DCC Ladies President


Bridge will be played weekly on Monday afternoons starting on June 24 at 12:00 in the Clubhouse.  If you have at least a little experience, a working knowledge of the rules, bidding and play of the cards, please come and play. This is a mixed event – all are welcome!

If you want more information, please contact Diana Minty at diana.minty@bell.net or 450-562-8654.  

If you are interested in bridge lessons, please contact Angie Macleod at macleod.angela@gmail.com or 450-562-0032


The House committee is looking forward to providing a great venue for all of our events this season. Hopefully, the incredible snows have been kind to our very mature clubhouse.

We intend on continuing improving the lighting for the parking and maintenance facilities, along with a few more items, which may not be noticed.

Wayne Hogue will be continuing to provide his excellent services, making the clubhouse pristine.

I invite any comments from members, which will help improve their events. I can be contacted via email at: pparsons370@gmail.com

Peter Parsons

House Chairman


Hello fellow yogis!

Summer is just around the corner and we are so pleased to announce that we will again be offering yoga at the Clubhouse. Monday mornings, Nancy Allen will offer a flow class and Wednesday afternoons, Gaye Parsons will lead a gentle flow and yin class. As we all know, it's so important that we keep up our strength and flexibility. These two classes have you covered.


The cost for 10 sessions is $60. Drop-ins will be $10.00.  If you are interested in registering, please contact Peter Parsons at pparsons370@gmail.com

We are so looking forward to seeing everyone!




We are happy to announce that this summer Scott Macleod will be taking over as Social Director. Scott has been supporting Dunany Social as Member at Large for one full season and has been an active “social partier” for many years. Jamie Armstrong will be moving to Member at Large supporting Scott and our social events.


Hello fellow members,

We are looking forward to a great summer full of fun social events at the club. Beyond the classics of the Director’s Dinner, Ladies’ Cocktail, and the Championship Dinner, we also have some newer events such as the Music Fest, Lawn Bowling, Dunany Film Night, Glee Pub Night, and a 70’s Dance Night which should all be a great time.


As ever, all these events are only made possible by members who volunteer their time to make sure that these events happen and enjoyed by all. It is part of what makes membership at Dunany Country Club feel like you are a part of community and more than just a golf club. Many of you who have been members for many years know this through your own volunteerism. For new and younger members, this is an opportunity to embrace that community spirit and engage with the club in a way that can be rewarding. I know that as a board and regular member, I am very grateful to all who volunteer with us and enjoy the experience.


We have many ways for you to volunteer such as bartending (a perennial favourite), set up, food production, decorating, set up of tables/chairs, clean up, etc. Please look at the calendar and if there are events which you are available to volunteer, please contact Jamie Armstrong or myself and we will find a role that suits you.


One event in particular that we are looking for leadership in is the Championship Dinner on August 24. In recent years, the Azaria/Minty/Armstrong families have produced the food for this event and have made it a resounding success each year, but they have earned a couple years off. It is my honour to thank them on behalf of the members for their time and efforts. But now the mantle looks to be taken up by another group. We are looking for a group/family/families/lake to take on this event and produce it in their own unique way. Jamie and myself will support your team and help produce your vision of the dinner. If you feel that your team is up to the challenge please contact us.


Thank you and I look forward to seeing you all on the course and dance floor.


Scott Macleod
Incoming Social Director