Winter 2019 Newsletter

President's Report

Golf seems a long way away, given the brutal January we’ve been enduring in Dunany. Bring on February and a bit more sun!  The Board and our extended team of advisors wanted to use this newsletter to update you on some important plans we are initiating this winter/spring. We are confident these plans will enhance the club, solidify our finances, impact many years of golfing and engaging in fun social events for our members. Preparations are already underway for the 100th anniversary coming in 2022!


Your Board appreciates your suggestions and feedback is always welcome! Board member names are on the DCC website to address any questions/comments you may have.  The password for the member login area on our web site is DCC1922.


Lastly, thank you to all the great volunteers, the time from your Board members and all the advisors we lean on, our starters, our special team of greens keepers, and the stellar 1-2 punch from Cat/Stephanie for your tremendous efforts in making 2018 a roaring success.  Now, bring on 2019!


Michael Fehr

President, DCC



Club House Renovation Project

We have been working for over 3 years to develop a solid plan to renovate our Club House.   We hired an Architect in December 2017 and have ‘permit ready’ drawings for the renovations.   Although we weren’t successful in obtaining the Provincial Grant we applied for, our Mayor, Jason Morrison, has  continued our discussions with our new Quebec MP, Agnes Grondin, and has made her aware of our project.  We have had several meetings with Jason and Nathalie Black and will be meeting again with Scott Pierce to try to firm up Municipal funding. 

Without significant additional funding from external sources, our focus is on a 3-season facility.  The Building Operations committee has met several times, most recently on December 27, 2018 and has brought the budget more in-line with a 3-season structure.  As well, we met with a local certified contractor, who is examining our plans and will be coming back to us with a realistic cost estimate including phasing and timing.  We aim to have a realistic plan, budget and financial options ready for our AGM in July.


Please find below, an important report from Paul Wilson, our Environment Director on the Board, regarding a plan we will be implementing to improve the long term health of the forests surrounding the golf course.  With Paul’s leadership and direction, your DCC Board has reviewed extensive analysis by technical experts in Forestry Management and Biology. The Board has agreed with their recommendation and we will move forward with this initiative during the winter of 2019.  Please direct any questions or comments directly to Paul Wilson.


 Michael Fehr

Dunany Country Club

January 26, 2019


In addition to the golf course and its buildings, members of the Dunany Country Club are the proud owners of over 75 hectares of forest property surrounding the course. The long-term health of this forest property is extremely important, and the Terra-Bois Forestry Cooperative, based in Lachute, was contacted in 2017 to provide an expert assessment of our forest. Founded in 1987, Terra-Bois’ staff consists of forestry technicians, engineers and biologists, and counts over 600 members in the Laurentians and the Outaouais regions. The recommendations of the forestry cooperative have been assessed, and the environment committee and board of directors have decided to proceed with a partial cut in some areas of the forest property. Please read on for more detail. I would also like to extend a huge thanks to Rod Armstrong for all his help with this project.

In the fall of 2017, the DCC engaged the Terra-Bois forestry cooperative to create a management plan for the 76 hectares of property that the DCC owns around the golf course. After 2 site visits and several meetings, Terra-Bois technical staff (consisting of technicians, forestry engineers and biologists) created a report for the DCC which recommends various levels of forestry activity on the different sectors of the property. The club’s goal for this project is two-pronged: The long-term health of the forest property is to be maintained and improved, and some revenue will be generated from the forestry activity coordinated by Terra-Bois. The long-term health of the forest will never be forfeited to generate revenue. Terra-Bois was engaged because they can ecologically manage the treatment of the forest while maximizing government subsidies for these activities, while managing all stages of the project (tree marking, cutting, clearing, wood sales).

The management plan for the DCC forest property consists of geographic information, recommended activities and remediation suggestions for 23 different zones. The 23 zones were delineated by Terra-Bois technical staff based on differences in land cover/land use, forest type, relief and ecological considerations. The first figure attached below shows the delineation of this forest property. Several zones are immediately disqualified from consideration for forestry  activities, due to the presence of wetlands (in green), watercourses, and the golf course itself. There are also some zones which are not of a sufficient size to warrant some forestry activity or are too close to the golf course and/or its buildings to warrant consideration. For each zone, a specific percentage of cut has been recommended by Terra-Bois based on species distribution, ground cover, and the general health of the zone. The presence of diseased beech trees in the Northeast sector of the property is of particular concern, since the blight affecting those trees can spread easily. The type of cut recommended by Terra-Bois also varies by zone, as some sectors need small open areas to encourage regeneration, while others will fare better with an even cut throughout the zone. Two stages of inspection will occur to ensure that the removal of trees does not exceed the allowed amount. These inspections take place to ensure that loggers do not pick the healthiest and largest trees so that they maximize their profits at the expense of the health of the forest.

To minimize environmental impact, a winter harvest is recommended. Terra-Bois have confirmed that to control erosion due to the disturbance caused by the harvest, a 15 metre buffer around all watercourses and wetlands will be left undisturbed during forestry activities. Each zone delineated by Terra-Bois has specific recommendations for the protection of flora and fauna. These recommendations were reviewed by professional biologists prior to the finalization of the report and include leaving large standing stumps for woodpecker and ruffed grouse habitat, fallen stumps for ruffed grouse drumming and clusters of dense, low-lying evergreens for deer habitat.

The environment committee’s recommendation is to engage Terra-Bois to harvest in the Eastern sector of the DCC property, with a total area of 29.4 hectares (72.6 acres). The second figure attached here denotes the areas that are recommended. There are numerous existing roads and trails in that area, including a right of way directly to Dunany Road from the Southeast corner of the property. As some of the most severe environmental impact can be caused by the creation of new trails and access roads for trucks, the utilization of existing pathways will help to minimize the impacts. The ease of access and the presence of roads in the Eastern sector makes it a perfect area to harvest. The zones recommended for harvest by the committee here correspond more or less with the property purchased by the DCC in 1981, for $30,000. This property was purchased to protect against development, and the minimal long-term impact of forestry activity does not pose a threat to the general health of this forested area. In fact, a minimally invasive harvest like this could be repeated in the future without negatively affecting the long-term health of the forest.

As members of the golf club, our role is to act as stewards of the natural environment surrounding our beautiful golf course. Dunany is more than 9 holes and the lakes surrounding them, and all members should know that there are no plans to clear-cut or develop the forest surrounding the golf course. The environment committee, which currently consists of Rod Armstrong and myself, will also be looking for volunteers soon to help with this project. Any members who have questions or concerns can contact me for more information.

Paul Wilson - Environment Director

Fig 1 DCC all zones (Jan 16-19).JPG

Figure 1 - all zones

Fig 2 DCC cut zones (Jan 16-19).JPG

Figure 2 - chosen zones

Membership Directory 

With the calendar showing 2019 it is time to update our membership directory which was last done in 2015. I’m pleased to have taken on this task with the help of several of our fellow members. We’ve already begun the work of finding sponsors but we can certainly use any and all help anyone can offer. Many hands make for light work as they say.

If you have had some work or services done at your Dunany residence in the last few years and believe that person or company could benefit from advertising in our booklet, please contact me and we will get in touch with them. If you have personally sponsored an advertisement in previous editions and would like to do so again please contact me and I would be delighted to help.

 I can be reached by e-mail at or on my mobile at 514-206-1812.

Our goal is to have the 2019 edition available for distribution at the AGM.

Wishing everyone a safe and healthy end to winter.


Pierre Demers


Treasurer's Report

In the coming week we will be closing the books of our 2018 fiscal year, completing the new January 1 to December 31, 2018 reporting period.

Overall revenues were $252,300, in line with our prior year results, but more than $16,000 lower than our 2018 budget of $269,000. Although Social revenues were in line with our expectations and the prior year, the bulk of the revenue drop was the result of annual membership dues that were lower than anticipated due to resignations and membership category changes. The Board of Directors has formed a Committee to look at alternatives to stem our membership decline.

Total expenses for the year amounted to $264,500, which is more than the $251,300 spent in 2017, but less than the 2018 budgeted expenses of $269,000. The main driver for the lower expenditures were cost savings achieved in the Social events category, which saw a $12,000 drop from 2017 and a $6,000 drop from the trimmed budget. Great job!

Our loss for the year is $12,300 and compares unfavourably to our 2017 net income of $1,300.

We are fine-tuning our budget for fiscal 2019 and hope to have the process completed by the end of February. With the prospect of a new membership directory as well as the Forest Management project, it should be a profitable year.

So, in the next few weeks we will complete our Trust and Income Tax filings and clear the deck for the upcoming golf season!

Ingrid Gratz




   Since this time last year, we have had a number of new members join our DCC Community.  Please join us in welcoming:



Lyne Chouinard

Everett Clausen

Peter Geikei

Valerie McNicoll

Alain Picard



Johanne Vallee

Daniel Payette

Match and Handicap

The new USGA rules are now in effect and that our starter shack will have new rule books available this spring. Rule books and info on the new rules are available at


Chrys Tindale – Club Captain


We are looking forward to another great year. House will be focusing on continuing to improve lighting, both exterior and for our maintenance crews. We will address some kitchen concerns brought to our attention over the summer last year. While our calendar is fairly full, we can always entertain any rental requests. It’s a good time to start looking at any potential 2020 events. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Wayne for the great job he did last year keeping the clubhouse shipshape.

Peter Parsons


We are pleased to be able to offer Yoga again at the Club. We will have two sessions – Monday at 9:00 a.m. and Wednesday at 4:00 p.m.  The Monday session will be given by Nancy Allen, who has been leading courses at Wentworth over the winter.  Nancy offers a flow class, with a focus on preparing us for golf, and maintains that all levels are welcome as “we twist, fold, and balance together”. Nancy is a registered teacher with a designation of E-RYT 200.

Gaye Parsons will return and teach the Wednesday Class. Gaye is also a certified Yoga instructor (E-RYT-200), and will be offering a mixture of “Gentle and Yin” yoga – a slow paced style of yoga where postures are held for a longer period of time.

Yoga will begin Wednesday, July 3rd. The Wednesday, July 10th class will be moved to August 7th. The cost for 10 sessions is $60. Drop ins will be $10.00.  If you are interested in registering, please contact Peter Parsons at