July 10,  2020 Newsletter

A Reminder from Dr. Gilbert Boucher

Summer will be different, the whole way through.

Despite almost all activities being reopened in Quebec, it is important to remind ourselves that the COVID -19 risk is still present.  We have been witnessing great social distancing at the golf course and in our community.   Let's not forget that many of us are interacting with the outside world or travelling and bringing visitors from outside. So far, there have been small outbreaks in communities where groups of people are not respecting basic rules such as:  no shaking hands, kissing on the cheeks, talking to each other at close distances for prolonged periods for example in bars or private parties.  I'm providing an image that summarizes the present understanding of the potential risks involved in contacting COVID-19 from various activities.

It is always better to do more and be safe than to be too relaxed and put everyone at risk. We do have to enjoy our great summer!


Be safe, -Gilbert (also known as Dr. Boucher)

covid july 10.jpg

L'été sera différent, et ce jusqu’à la fin.

Malgré la réouverture de presque toutes les activités au Québec, il est important de se rappeler que le risque COVID -19 est toujours présent.  Nous avons été témoins d'une grande distanciation sur le terrain de golf et dans notre communauté.  N'oublions pas que beaucoup d'entre nous interagissent avec le monde extérieur ou voyagent et amènent des visiteurs de l'extérieur. Jusqu'à présent, il y a eu de petites épidémies dans des communautés où des groupes de personnes ne respectent pas les règles de base telles que : ne pas se serrer les mains, s'embrasser sur les joues, se parler à proximité pendant des périodes prolongées, par exemple dans les bars ou les fêtes privées.  Je vous présente une image qui résume la compréhension actuelle des risques potentiels liés au contact avec le COVID-19 dans le cadre de diverses activités.

Il est toujours préférable d'en faire plus et d'être en sécurité que d'être trop détendu et de mettre tout le monde en danger. Nous devons profiter de notre bel été !


Soyez prudents,
-Gilbert (aussi connu sous le nom de Dr. Boucher)

covid july 10 fr.jpg

Match and Handicap Update

 I want to thank everyone for their patience and understanding as we work out the kinks in our new tee times booking and tournament registration procedures.  We are continuing to tweak and improve the system as we do our best to make things as user-friendly as possible. Please keep in mind that not only are these procedures new to you, they are also new to us!  Please also keep in mind that we have three NEW starters this year, please introduce yourself and thank them for doing their best. We are all truly doing our best to get you out golfing as simply and conveniently as possible. 


The Captains, the starters, and our Operations Manager, Cat Spaulding – are all here to help.  If you need assistance to book a tee time online or register for a tournament don’t hesitate to call the starter shack 450-562-4885. The starter will need to know your full name and current email in order that you receive tee time confirmations.  A reminder that if you are bringing a guest and you have not entered their name when booking a tee time, you must let the starter know before playing.


Although there have been definite changes this season, we have been able to run two mixed tournaments already and wish to congratulate the following members on their fantastic golf rounds:


Raguin Leslie

Low gross men: Jeff Best

Low gross ladies: Angie MacLeod

Low net: Angie MacLeod

Low net Runner up: Jeff Adams


Husband and Wife

Winners: Maureen and Jim Cameron

Runners Up: Barb and Rod Armstrong


Congrats to all!


Coming Up:

  • July 18th at 1PM - Parent and Child 16 and over (as of January 1, 2020): SIGN-UP LINK

  • July 19th at 1PM - Parent and Child under 16: SIGN-UP LINK



  • Men’s Best Ball brackets for Round 1 (to be played by July 12) and Round 2 (to be played by July 19) are up.  Please have a look and book your matches: BEST BALL BRACKETS

  • Markham Cup Round 1 (to be played by July 12) brackets can be found here: Markham BRACKETS Please note that you cannot input the winners yourself, please ask the starters to do this for you.


If you are having any issues at all with Golf Quebec, i.e. membership renewal, password reset or inputting scores, please email Cat Spaulding dccopsmanager@gmail.com or call the starters.

 Many thanks for your cooperation, patience and commitment to our favourite club and sport!

 Tracy, Chrys, Cat and the Starters    

Raguin July 10.jpg

Photo credit:  Trudy Adams

Jeff Adams, Sharon Leslie and Sarah Wilson in Raguin Leslie tournament

Adult Golf Lessons

We have 2 spots for a single lesson with John St-Denis, the pro from Golf Le Select in Lachute.


 -Monday July 13th at 1:00 p.m.

- Monday, July 20th at 1:00 p.m.


The cost is $20 and the lesson will take place at the practice area on the 2nd hole.

Email us at capsjw@bell.net before Sunday, July 12 by 12 noon for this week’s and Sunday, July 19th for next.  We will respond to the person who will fill the spot.

Also, if you are interested in a series of three lessons they may begin July 27th.

Thanks, John and Carol Wilson

Message from the Greens Chairman

2020 has been challenging so far. I am concerned that many of our members are becoming more relaxed than they should be during this health pandemic. Some expectations continue to rise, due in no small part to the quality of our greens. Our turf maintenance team is two-thirds of what it would have been in a "normal" year and our budget has been adjusted accordingly. 

So far this summer, we have had to deal with two heat waves, and we are essentially maintaining the course in drought conditions. Our fairways are baking out, a situation that we don't normally see until late July or early August.

Many tasks that would normally have been done in May were put off when it did not appear that the golf course would even open, such as the installation of the parking lot fences.

Now that the government has permitted golf courses to open but with strict guidelines, many members who are coming out to play are expressing disappointment that things aren't being maintained as regularly as in previous years.

Please know that we are doing our best in this unprecedented COVID-19 situation, with exceptionally difficult environmental conditions.

We all know the world is different today. If you are feeling disgruntled I invite you to stop, take a breath, press reset.

Enjoy the walk, enjoy your round, and enjoy our greens, which are exceptional with all things considered. Play golf for the love of the game and enjoy the trees, the wildlife and most of all appreciate each other.

Have fun, but at the same time reflect on how fortunate we are to have this sanctuary to play the game we all love. Anything but positive comments to our greens crew right now is unacceptable. They are doing their utmost, professionally and personally, to maintain our course in the best condition possible for all of our members to enjoy.


Best wishes,

Alan Morton

Un message du directeur des Verts

2020 a été un défi jusqu'à présent. Je suis préoccupé par le fait que beaucoup de nos membres se relâchent plus qu'ils ne le devraient pendant cette pandémie de santé. Certaines attentes continuent de croître, en grande partie grâce à la qualité de nos verts. Notre équipe d'entretien du gazon est aux deux tiers de ce qu'elle aurait été dans une année "normale" et notre budget a été ajusté en conséquence.

Jusqu'à présent, cet été, nous avons dû faire face à deux vagues de chaleur, et nous maintenons essentiellement le terrain dans des conditions de sécheresse. Nos allées sont en train de sécher, une situation que nous n'observons normalement pas avant la fin juillet ou le début août.

De nombreuses tâches qui auraient normalement dû être effectuées en mai ont été reportées alors qu'il ne semblait même pas que le terrain de golf serait ouvert, comme l'installation des clôtures du stationnement.

Maintenant que le gouvernement a autorisé l'ouverture des terrains de golf mais avec des directives strictes, de nombreux membres qui viennent jouer expriment leur déception de ne pas voir les choses entretenues aussi régulièrement que les années précédentes.

Sachez que nous faisons de notre mieux dans cette situation COVID-19 sans précédent, avec des conditions environnementales exceptionnellement difficiles.

Nous savons tous que le monde est différent aujourd'hui. Si vous êtes mécontents, je vous invite à vous arrêter, à prendre une respiration, à appuyer sur "reset".

Profitez de la promenade, profitez de votre ronde, profitez de nos verts, qui sont exceptionnels tout bien considéré. Jouez au golf pour l'amour du jeu et profitez des arbres, de la faune et surtout appréciez-vous les uns les autres.

Amusez-vous, mais en même temps, réfléchissez à la chance que nous avons d'avoir ce sanctuaire pour jouer au jeu que nous aimons tous. Tout ce qui ne sont pas des commentaires positifs à notre équipe de verts en ce moment est inacceptable. Ils font tout leur possible, professionnellement et personnellement, pour maintenir notre parcours dans les meilleures conditions possibles afin que tous nos membres puissent en profiter.


Bien à vous, Alan Morton

Quilt July 10.jpg

The Quilt is Coming!

56 beautiful quilt squares have been completed and are now in the skillful hands of Jean Sutherland Towell.  Designed by John Parsons, the quilt and his inspirational prints will be on display outside the Club August 1.  Tickets will be on sale at the golf course and also by local lake representatives. Stay tuned for more details in the coming weeks.

Check out his video on the DCA website.
Stay tuned for more details in coming weeks.

-Diane Glionna