Spring  2021 Newsletter

President's Message


The arrival of the Spring Newsletter is always a good sign that the worst of winter is behind us.  Perhaps one can say the same about life with COVID-19 as many of us have already been or will soon be vaccinated.  Despite ongoing challenges, your Board is working hard to prepare for the upcoming season.

This summer we are expecting similar restrictions that were in place in 2020, but we will be better prepared to deal with them having gained some knowledge and experience with the pandemic. Unfortunately, we do not believe any in-person social events involving large crowds will be permitted. However, we are planning for the full gambit of golf tournaments to take place. We are cautiously optimistic that we may even be able to hold an in-person Prize Giving in our newly renovated Clubhouse! However, should crowd restrictions still be in place at the end of the summer, the event would be virtual. The COVID committee will continue to monitor provincial government guidelines and those of Golf Canada, and communicate any changes, as they become known.

People who had the chance to spend time in Dunany this winter were lucky to see the progression of the Clubhouse renovation.  It will be exciting when we are able to resume social activities and enjoy them in a safer, more functional and beautiful space. To help finance this important renovation project, we originally planned a $300 assessment to begin in 2020 and to be spread out over 3 years. However, given the uncertainties surrounding COVID last spring, the Board decided to defer the assessment to this year and spread it over 2 years, making contributions of $150 per year.  In order to help offset some of these additional fees and temporary assessments, the Board decided not to increase annual membership dues for the 2021 season. 

This year, the DCC is managing differently our members’ membership to Golf Canada. In accordance with Golf Canada’s guidelines for maintaining membership profiles, and as mentioned in the email sent to everyone on March 14, 2021, each DCC member must have let us know by March 31st whether he or she wanted to be a member of Golf Canada in 2021.  If you chose this option, the cost of your membership ($ 38) will be added to your DCC annual dues.

Sadly, since last season, we lost some of DCC community members. We wish to express our deepest condolences to the families and friends of Lorna Cairns, Lois Gamble, Ben Laekas, Bob McGuire and John Quilliam. We know they will live on in the memories of those who knew them.


Pierre Demers, DCC President


L'arrivée de cette lettre d'information est toujours un bon signe que le pire de l'hiver est derrière nous.  On peut peut-être en dire autant de la vie avec COVID-19, car beaucoup d'entre nous ont déjà été vaccinés ou le seront bientôt.  Malgré les défis constants, votre conseil d'administration travaille fort pour préparer la saison à venir.

Cet été, nous nous attendons à des restrictions similaires à celles qui étaient en vigueur en 2020, mais nous serons mieux préparés à y faire face, ayant acquis une certaine connaissance et expérience de la pandémie. Malheureusement, nous croyons qu'aucun événement social en présentiel impliquant de grandes foules ne sera autorisé. Cependant, nous prévoyons la tenue de tous les tournois de golf. Nous sommes raisonnablement optimistes et pensons même pouvoir organiser la remise de prix en personne dans notre Clubhouse récemment rénové ! Toutefois, si les restrictions d'affluence sont toujours en place à la fin de l'été, l'événement sera virtuel. Le comité COVID continuera de suivre les directives du gouvernement provincial et celles de Golf Canada, et communiquera tout changement, dès qu'il sera connu.

Les personnes qui ont eu la chance de passer du temps à Dunany cet hiver ont pu voir la progression de la rénovation du Clubhouse.  Ce sera très excitant lorsque nous pourrons reprendre les activités sociales et en profiter dans un espace plus sécuritaire, plus fonctionnel et plus beau. Pour aider à financer cet important projet de rénovation, nous avions initialement prévu une cotisation de 300 $ qui devait commencer en 2020 et s'étaler sur 3 ans. Cependant, étant donné les incertitudes entourant le COVID au printemps dernier, le conseil d'administration avait décidé de reporter la cotisation à cette année et de l'étaler sur 2 ans, en versant des cotisations de 150 $ par an.  Afin d'aider à compenser certains de ces frais supplémentaires et de ces cotisations temporaires, le conseil a décidé de ne pas augmenter les frais d'adhésion annuels pour la saison 2021. 

Cette année, le DCC gère différemment l'adhésion de nos membres à Golf Canada. Conformément aux directives de Golf Canada en matière de maintien des profils de membres, et comme mentionné dans le courriel envoyé à tous le 14 mars 2021, chaque membre de CDC doit nous avoir fait savoir avant le 31 mars s'il souhaite être membre de Golf Canada en 2021.  Si vous avez choisi cette option, le coût de votre adhésion (38 $) sera ajouté à vos frais d'adhésion annuels du DCC.

Malheureusement, depuis la saison dernière, nous avons perdu certains membres de la communauté du DCC.


Nous souhaitons exprimer nos plus sincères condoléances aux familles et aux amis de Lorna Cairns, Lois Gamble, Ben Laekas,  Bob McGuire et John Quilliam. Nous savons qu'ils resteront gravés dans la mémoire de ceux qui les ont connus.


Pierre Demers, Président DCC

Treasurers Report


One year ago, in March 2020, we faced quarantine and a shutdown of all recreational activities. We prepared a new and “rolling” budget that would cover our unavoidable fixed costs and keep dues to a bare minimum. In the months following, the confusion started to clear. Government support for individual and companies kicked in, the weather turned warm, and golf became the most favoured recreational activity that still allowed for physical distancing. We issued a second billing to cover our increased costs of golf course maintenance and operations at a reduced scale.

We live in the strangest of times. Contrary to our expectations, 2020 was the most profitable year we have had in a long time. This was in large measure due to the Government support program that allowed us to receive a 75% subsidy on all operational salaries paid. Our only social event, the Quilt raffle brought in staggering gross proceeds of $7,511.

In summary, total revenue amounted to $190,343, with a net operating income of $19,267.  

This coming season will be a challenge. COVID-19 is still with us and social activities are not built into our 2021 budget. Government subsidies for operational salaries are not expected. Even with additional belt tightening, our loss for this year is estimated to be in the $10,000 range. Should the clubhouse renovation project finish early and the restriction against larger gatherings be lifted, social event proceeds would be a bonus.

Your upcoming invoice for this year will include basic membership dues that will be held at the 2019 level for all membership categories. We will also invoice you for the Quebec/Canada Golf Association fees, should you wish to join, as well as the first instalment of the Heritage Club house renovation assessment. All plus applicable taxes.


Let the season begin!

Ingrid Gratz, DCC Treasurer

Club Captain's Message


It was an honor and my great pleasure to have served DCC through several seasons as our Club Captain and Match and Handicap Director. At the upcoming June AGM we will be welcoming a new Match and Handicap Director/Club Captain. I
urge us all to ratify Tracy Wightman for the next two year term. She has been a huge asset to me as Assistant Captain and will continue to be an asset to the Board of Directors, Match and Handicap Committee and our club.

During my tenure, both the D.C.C. and the world of golf, underwent many unprecedented changes. Both the Rules of Golf in 2018-2019 and the Rules of Handicapping in 2020 were radically and fundamentally changed with the intention of uniting the world Golf Associations under one system and making golf easier, more intuitive and faster to play. These changes were all introduced to the club through a lecture, videos, emails and monthly reminders. I know the incoming team will
continue to educate us and inform us. The new world handicapping system, introduced during the pandemic, will be fully implemented this spring for use in our tournaments and friendly games.

The course has undergone some changes. DCC hired a new Superintendent in 2017 and began introducing and re-introducing changes to the course such as lengthening the rough around bunkers and greens, slightly narrowing and contouring our fairways as well as greatly improving our greens. Our course rating, after much delay, has been scheduled for the fall of 2021.

When Diana Minty, our long time Operations Manager stepped down in 2017, we lost one of our longest serving and most knowledgeable members. A great loss to me, we were very fortunate to hire a new Operations Manager, Cat Spaulding, who helped me out whenever I asked and even when I didn’t.

Last spring the board made a decision to digitize and put as much of our club online as possible. This direction gave us the ability to keep the club open throughout the season by being able to book tee times, keep track of our tournament
flights and rounds as well as and allowing us to play throughout the season. This will be continued and expanded moving forward. I’m looking forward to some great new initiatives.

The pandemic hit us all very hard. In fact, it could’ve been much worse but for the hard work and single mindedness of the directors, captains, Match and Handicap Committee and the many contributions by individual members. Thanks to all who
helped me and our club continue to build and grow. A special thanks to all the starters who, day after day, helped out behind the scenes. It was great getting to know the next generation of kids and know that the club is in good hands.


Thank you all. We had an unforgettable season last season. Let’s make this one even better. See you on the links.


Chrys Tindale

A Word from the DCC 2021 Incoming Captains


With continued pandemic uncertainty, The DCC Board anticipates that we will operate much like we did last summer. Luckily all was not lost last summer and we are confident to be able to bring you most, if not all of the competitions and tournaments we were able to in the challenging 2020 season. 


Golf Quebec has recently issued the Operating Protocol of Québec's Golf Courses - updated for the 2021 season. For the Men’s, Ladies’ and Junior golf programs, this means we’ll focus on golf and lessons keeping things low key as far as social activities go. The captains have been meeting monthly with the Match & Handicap committee to prepare for the season. DCC will maintain the tee-time reservation system and continue with full transition to Google docs (accessed through links in the Members only section of our website) for weekly golf events and tournament sign-up throughout summer. The events calendar contains information on proposed dates but is always subject to change. We will be sure to update you in subsequent newsletters.


Tracy Wightman, Carl Demers, Wendy Castator, Bonnie Curtin and Trudy & Nicole Adams - your incoming 2021 Captains

From the Incoming Club Captain and the Match & Handicap Committee


After a COVID summer as Assistant Club Captain, I am honoured to now step into the Club Captain role for the upcoming season and look forward to adapting with the times to carry on the many traditions we cherish on our course.  I anticipate challenges as we go, but ask for everyone’s patience as we navigate through them.  You will see a strengthened, more consolidated and unified effort from all the captains as we work together to streamline our processes, employing the “keep it simple” motto throughout. Joining me as my co-pilot this year is Carl Demers, who will be a complete joy to have by my side as Assistant Club Captain. I am grateful to have such a knowledgeable and experienced group in the Match and Handicap Committee, and equally thankful to have Peter Wright return once again to organize and run the weekly Thursday Men’s Days.  I am so thrilled to be working with a team of like-minded, golf-loving individuals who share the same passion and determination in making our summers as memorable as possible.


As we inch closer to the opening of the course, on behalf of the Match & Handicap Committee, I will take this time to wish everyone a fantastic golf season - if we have nothing else, we at least have golf! Stay tuned for more details on specific golf events in upcoming newsletters.


Tracy Wightman, Incoming-DCC Captain

From the Ladies' Captain


Hello, and under the heading of “everything old is new again”, I wanted to let you know that I will be the Ladies’ Captain this summer. Just like 10 years ago, I have a tough act to follow. Thank you, Barb Campbell for your tireless efforts and for sharing both your passion and your wisdom when it comes to golf.  I am very happy to have Bonnie Curtin join me as the Assistant Ladies’ Captain for the upcoming season. I know how fortunate many of us felt to be able to get out on the course last year, and I suspect that will be the case again this summer. We are planning to have a full slate of golf events with signups for both regular tee times and Ladies’ events on the DCC website. We will officially get started on June 30th.  I suspect the flags will be in before that, so if you’re itching to get out there with the bugs, you can get an early start on getting scores in, but we will have our first official Ladies’ Day on Wednesday June 30th. Looking forward to seeing you all in Dunany.

Wendy Castator, In-coming Ladies’ Captain

From the Junior Director and Junior Captains


Planning long term has become a challenge for many, including our family, who have adopted a one-day-at-a-time approach to life in the pandemic. The DCC Board anticipates that things will run much like they did last summer. For the Junior Program, this means we’ll focus on golf only and keep things low key. Nicole Adams will be the Junior Golf Co-Captain this summer and Gilbert Boucher will be coordinating lessons once again. 


While the public health guidelines would allow some social activities (such as outdoor sports night programming), volunteers are limited and we want to keep risks low. If you have suggestions, or want to volunteer, please reach out to discuss. 


You might also want to join the Dunany Country Club Junior Program facebook group to receive and share informal news/photos throughout the summer. As noted above, the DCC is fully transitioning to Google docs for weekly golf events and tournament sign-up so there will be no Team Snap accounts for the Junior Program this summer. 


I would like to take this opportunity to remind you that we welcome young golfers (whose parents are not Regular members at the DCC) if they would like to enter the Junior Sponsorship Program, please see the link here (dcc1922 is the password if you are prompted).


We are looking for a parent to assist each week with the intention to have a succession plan in place for Summer 2022. The Adams family has coordinated junior programming since 2016 and it’s time to hand it over to a successor!  As always, we love to hear from you about any ideas or concerns.  


Trudy Adams, Director, Junior Program 


450-990-8050 Dunany 

613-800-9310 Ottawa 

Green Day May 2018



I hope you have all been well since the course shut down last fall. This winter has been different on so many levels and I know we are all looking forward to the golf season that is just on the horizon now. It will be great to get back out on our golf course and enjoy time with friends, fresh air and a good walk chasing our golf balls! Please help us out by replacing your divots and repairing your ball marks…and others that those before you may have missed.

I would like to extend an invitation to everyone to come and participate in this year’s Green Day. It will take place on Sunday, May the 23rd at 1:00 p.m. The more the merrier and as you know, many hands make light work.

We wish to remind you that we will be abiding by the current pandemic safety measures; social distancing and requesting that you to bring your own rake and gloves.

On behalf of the greens crew I wish you a wonderful time on our beautiful golf course.


Alan Morton, Greens Chair

Past President's Report


2021 Drivable Golf Cart Pilot Project Update & Survey

We are excited to be introducing 2 electric drivable golf carts in Dunany this season available for rent by members and guests. 

At this point in time, we wish to update you on the status of the process and upcoming plans for this initiative.  We also have a brief survey (attached below) for you to fill out, as your feedback is important.

Goals for this Pilot Project:  The Membership Committee established the following goals for our golf community with the introduction of electric drivable golf carts:

  1. To extend the playing duration for our members with health issues, injuries and/or difficulty walking our course, to encourage new members to join who are unable to walk our course, and to generate interest for past members to consider re-joining the club.

  2. By extension, we would also expect to reduce annual member resignations by prolonging the playing years, for those members who are challenged walking our course.

This is a pilot project to investigate several scenarios to benefit our members and to determine if the program should be expanded for the 2022 season.

Cart rental costs, excluding associated taxes:

  • $22.50 for one 9-hole round

  • $30 for one 18-hole round

  • Pre-paid booklets of 10 (9-hole rounds) for $210; coupons are limited to use during the 2021 season.  

  • Pre-paid booklets of 20 (9-hole rounds) for $400; coupons are limited to use during the 2021 season.

  • Members who reserve a cart using the Tee-Time reservation system will be able to cancel their reservation up to 48 hours prior to their tee time, with no charges. A cancellation made inside this 48-hour notice period will result in an invoice for full rental fees (excluding cancellation due to weather) Any cancelled cart(s) reservation (inside this 2-day window) will be returned to the reservation pool for other DCC members to reserve and rent.  

  • The target date estimated for cart rentals to begin is June 30.

The Committee will leverage Golf Quebec’s approved COVID-19 protocol for safe operation of the 2 carts, which we will post on our DCC website in May.

You may recall that we emailed a link to a cart survey in March of 2020, which generated a lot of interest. As we continue to move forward, it would help if we could confirm a list of members (and potential guests) who are interested in renting cart(s) this summer and how often. There is space at the end of the survey to provide concerns or questions. We welcome any feedback you have for us.  Here is the link to the survey: Drivable Golf Cart Survey



Michael Fehr & your Membership Committee
Past President, Membership Director


Mise à jour et enquête sur le projet pilote de voiturettes de golf électriques 2021

Nous sommes ravis de présenter cette saison à Dunany deux voiturettes de golf électriques pouvant être louées par les membres et leurs invités.

Nous souhaitons vous informer de l'état d'avancement du projet pilote et des plans à venir de cette initiative.  Nous vous invitons également à remplir un bref questionnaire (ici-bas) car vos commentaires nous sont importants.


Objectifs du projet pilote :  Le Comité de membres a établi les objectifs suivants pour notre communauté avec l'introduction de voiturettes électriques :

1. Prolonger le plaisir de jouer au golf auprès de nos membres ayant des problèmes de santé, des blessures et/ou des difficultés à marcher sur notre partie; encourager l’inscription des nouveaux membres qui ont de la difficulté à marcher notre terrain; et susciter l'intérêt des anciens membres afin qu’ils envisagent de redevenir membre du club.

2. Réduire le nombre de désistements annuels des membres en leur offrant de prolonger leurs années de jeu, pour ceux ayant des difficultés à marcher sur notre terrain.

Il s'agit d'un projet pilote visant à étudier plusieurs scénarios au profit de nos membres et à déterminer si le programme doit être reconduit pour la saison 2022.

Frais de location de voiturette, hors taxes associées :

  • 22,50 $ pour une partie de 9 trous

  • 30 $ pour une partie de 18 trous

  • Carnets prépayés de 10 parties de 9 trous pour 210 $ ; les coupons ne peuvent être utilisés que pendant la saison 2021. 

  • Carnets prépayés de 20 parties de 9 trous pour 400 $ ; l'utilisation des coupons est limitée à la saison 2021.

  • Les membres qui réservent une voiturette en utilisant le système de réservation Tee-Time pourront annuler leur réservation jusqu'à 48 heures avant leur heure de départ, et ce sans frais. Toute annulation effectuée à l’intérieur des 48 heures entraînera une facturation de la totalité des frais de location (à l'exception des annulations dues aux conditions météorologiques). Dans le cas d’une réservation annulée (dans ce délai de deux jours), les voiturettes seront de nouveau disponibles pour réservation par d’autres membres de DCC.  

  • La date prévue pour le début de la location des voiturettes est le 30 juin 2021.


Le comité s'appuiera sur le protocole COVID-19 approuvé par Golf Québec pour l'utilisation sécuritaire des deux voiturettes, que nous afficherons sur le site Web de DCC en mai.


Vous vous souvenez peut-être que nous avons envoyé par courriel en mars 2020 un lien pour accéder à un sondage sur les voiturettes. Ce sondage avait suscité beaucoup d'intérêt. Alors que nous continuons à aller de l'avant avec ce projet pilote, il serait utile que nous puissions créer une liste de membres (et d'invités potentiels) qui seraient intéressés à louer une voiturette cet été et à quelle fréquence. Je vous invite à remplir le sondage. Un espace est prévu à la fin du sondage pour nous faire part de vos commentaires.  

Voici le lien vers le sondage:  Drivable Golf Cart Survey




Michael Fehr et votre comité des membres

Ancien président, directeur du comité des membres



A lot has been accomplished since the Fall 2020 Clubhouse renovation update – although probably at a slower pace than we were expecting given the impact of COVID-19 on supply chains and schedules.  We are still confident that we will have a functional Clubhouse for the opening of the golf season and the AGM in June – whether or not we’ll get to use it, is a different question!   We will still need volunteers over the summer to complete different projects.

We continue to closely manage the budget given that construction costs have increased substantially.   The budget is tight and our “Online Auction” fundraiser and Ancestral Plant Sale will be an important part of filling any gaps. 

The demolition and rebuild identified some major issues with the existing structure, including crooked foundation posts, severely under-powered electrical entrance, cracked and exposed wiring, leaky roof, rotting wood and others.  These issues have all been rectified. The renovation will help preserve our heritage building for future generations and provide much improved services for our members and volunteers.

There is still a significant amount of work to complete before mid-June, including interior finishing, east balcony, exterior siding and metal on the roof. We will also have some work during the summer such as exterior painting, some interior finishing and other projects.  If you are interested in volunteering, please contact me at tom@lake-side.ca


For those of you who have not been in Dunany since last fall, I think you will be pleasantly surprised with how the new structure complements the old, the spectacular view from the large windows overlooking the 9th fairway & green and the spacious kitchen, bar and washroom facilities!

We are excited about our newly renovated Clubhouse and look forward to hosting social events as soon as possible!


Tom Lowe, House Director

Our Online Silent Auction is Coming

"Adventures and Treasures"


As mentioned in our February 1 Newsletter, an important part of our fundraising plan is our first online silent auction!  We currently have over 80 fabulous adventures and treasures donated by the talented and generous members of our community. 

The 1st Phase will start Friday, June 25 and will close Sunday, July 4.  The 2nd will start Friday, August 27 and run through Sunday, September 5.  All proceeds will go towards our DCC Heritage Club House Renovation project.   Click here to get an idea of some of the things you won’t want to miss.  This auction will be available to DCC members and friends and family of DCC members – Please help us by get the word out!

We hope this will be one of the highlights of our summer.  It is the perfectly ‘socially distanced’ activity for these unprecedented times.

We could still accept a few more things, if you are interested in donating an item or an experience to support our efforts, please send a note to Dianne Burk at dianneburk1@gmail.com or Lynn Palmer at lynn.palmer@rogers.com

Ancestral Dunany Plant Sale


Please mark your calendars for the first ever!    With spring on our doorstep we are all looking forward to our gardens.

This is a wonderful opportunity to enliven your own garden with “Proven Winners” from well -seasoned gardens.  All efforts will be made to tag the plants donated from each Dunany home. There will be rare houseplants, perennials, annuals, herbs, small trees and native plants for mass plantings and a collection of garden sundries as well as a few surprises!

 An opening event not to be missed!


Date: Saturday May 29th from 9:30 am - 11:30 am

(Rain date:  Sunday, May 30th from 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm)

Place: Parking lot at DCC


Please bring cash or your chequebook. A box to carry out plants would be handy too. 

 All COVID-19 protocols will be met, social distancing, masks and hand sanitizers.

Your contributions of plants and purchases will be greatly appreciated.    Donations of plants as they become available can be dropped off at Angie Macleod’s house, 186 Chemin Boyd.

 This event is being held as a fundraiser to contribute to the Heritage Clubhouse Renovations. 

For more information please contact: macleod.angela@gmail.com

Quilt Update


The 45th Dunany Quilt, again designed by John Parsons, is entitled  " We  ❤  Love Dunany Fall Colours "  

It is a brilliant design of 56 squares which had been distributed earlier in the year. In fact many squares are completed. The return date is as usual in June, but the organizers would certainly welcome them as early as possible to alleviate the assembly. If you need any help with your square, you can reach Diane Glionna at diglionna@hotmail.com




A continuing pandemic will not dampen our spirits!  Although we all love our Ladies’ Cocktail Party event to physically gather with members and guests, plans are being made to repeat our very successful 2020 Quiltilla. The date will be the Saturday of the summer long weekend which this year falls on July 31.  Stay tuned for further updates!

Welcome to another season in Dunany!

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