1. Players with one or more clear holes ahead must signal players behind to go through

  2. A preferred lie (no moe than 6", not nearer to the hole) may only be taken on the cut portion of the fairway of the hole you teed from.

  3. An embedded ball through the green, may be lifted, cleaned and dropped within 6", but not nearer the hole.

  4. Rocks which are part of the cut portion of the fairway; shall be considered immovable obsturctions as defined under R.C.G.A. Rule 24-2.

  5. A ball may be lifted, cleaned and dropped without penalty, not nearer the hole, from ditches on the cut portion of the fairways.

  6. Practicing on the course is prohibited.


          Rules of play - as approved by the R.C.G.A. and the local rules.

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