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Weekly Bulletin - Wednesday, September 5,  2018

Thank you to our Trivia Night Game Hosts, Dave and Lorraine Tomalty seen here with the winning team of Brydon, Wynn and Wightman!

The DCC is pleased to announce that Duncan Campbell has graciously agreed to take on the position of Honourary Chair. As you know, Duncan is a member of the third generation in the Everson-Campbell family in Dunany and has previously served on our Board in several capacities. Here are a few words from Duncan at this year’s Prize-Giving as he assumes his new role …


“For many years, Ross Leslie, who chaired the Honours Committee, captivated the Club's annual Prize giving ceremony with his encyclopedic knowledge of the Country Club and the trophies that are here before you today.


I have been asked to follow in his footsteps as chair of the Honours Committee but I will admit that I have very big shoes to follow and, in fact, I cannot replicate what Ross did. In my view, this is still and always will be Ross' show and I will be making a recommendation to the Club to that end.


As we head towards our 100th anniversary, we have an obligation ensure that his legacy and that of other members who have made significant contributions to the Club are remembered by all of us.


The trophies that you see before you today are part of the Club's history as are the names of those golfers who have been talented and fortunate enough to win them over the years.  For some of us, the names may have little import but for others, the names conjure up memories of playing on this course. These memories are the other part of the Club's history. 


So, yes, we compete for trophies to which we may hope to add our name but more importantly, we create memories that we can keep forever whether we get our name on a trophy or not.


I will now ask the captains and their able assistants to make the award presentations.


Thank you.”

-Duncan Campbell

Prize Giving
DCC Tournament Winners 2018


Mens Ringers

Class C -  Jim Finch   (37)

Class B  - Duncan Campbell  (27)

Class A  - Jeff Best  (28)


Raquin-Leslie Cup

Low Net: Peter Wright (64)

Runner up Low Net: Bill Gauley (67)

Low Gross Men: Cody Barbeau (40)

Low Gross Women: Angie McCleod and Lynn Palmer  (49)

Closest to the Pin Men: Jeff Adams

Closest to the Pin Women: Tracy Wightman

Long Drive Men: Scott Rithcie

Long Drive Women: Debbie Havill


Parent and Child Under 16 - The Maples Shield

Winner:  Tim and LukeWightman

runner up:   Trudy and Nicole Adams


Parent and Child Over 16 - The Bronze

winner: Sean and Rick Joyce

Runner Up : Rick and Nick Havill


Husband and Wife - The Turtle

winner : Isobel and Paul St. George

Runners up:  Alan Morton and Chantal Robichaud


Mustache Cup - Men over 50

winner: Peter Wright

runner up: Duncan Campbell


Dan Main Shield

winner : Jeff Best and Joan Gale (net 61)

runner up: Chrys Tindale and Heather Swaine (net 68)


Granparents Trophy

winners:  Peter Wright and Careen Latt


Markham Cup

winner:  Ev Wood Jr.

runner up:  Rod Armstrong


Men’s Best Ball - The Royal Jubilee Cup

winner:   Maurice Pilon Robert Percy

runner up: Rod Armstrong


Senior Club Championships


Senior Ladies - Crystal Cup (low gross)

winner: Mary Sutherland

runner up: Sharon Leslie


Senior Men’s - Don Armstrong Cup (low gross)

winner: Don Sutherland

runner up: Francois Cote


Seniors Low Net - The Loon

winner:  Sharon Leslie

runner up: Don Sutherland


Men’s Club Championships

Class A

winner : Kevin Carter

runner up: Don Sutherland


Class B

winner:  Chrys Tindale

runner up:  Francois Cote


Class C

winner:  Jim Finch

runner up:  Glenn Thompson


Class D

winner:  Jeff Adams

runner up:  Randy Swedburg


Parkes-Culross Trophy - Closing Mixed Field Day

Low Net:  Pierre Demers

2nd low Net:  Marilynn

Low Gross Men:  Don Sutherland

Low Gross Women:  Barb Campbell

Longest drive Men:  Gilbert Boucher

Longest Drive Women:  Barb Campbell

Closest to the Pin Men:  Pierre Demers

Closest to the Pin Women:  Sharon Leslie

Ladies Winners – 2018


Margaret Mussell Trophy

(4 Ball Match Play)

Runners up - Trudy Adams and Sarah Wilson

Winners - Kathy Wright and Marilyn Wynn


Captain's Prize

Runner up - Kate Tindale

Winner - Sharon Leslie


President's Prize

Runner up - Val McNicholl

Winner- Anna Robertson


IMP Trophy

Runner up - Sharon Leslie

Winner - Dianne Vanstone


Most Improved Ladies Golfer

Winner - Peggy Carroll


Palmer Gordon Trophy

Winner - Katie Lampl


Club Champions

Runner up - Barb Campbell

Winner - Judy Farrell


Ladies B Champion

Runner up - Heather Swaine

Winner - Dianne Vanstone


Ladies C Champion

Runner up - Bonnie Curtain

Winner - Sharon Leslie


Ladies D Champion

Runner up - Lois Finch

Winner - Debbie Sutherland


Play for Points Competition

We value your participation in the Ladies Program.  Golfers earned a point for every ladies day and ladies competition signed up for, plus an extra point for a win on ladies day.  Events include Ladies Day, President’s Cup, Captain’s Prize, Four Ball Match Play (Best Ball), Ladies Invitational, IMP and Ladies Club Championship.


The runners up receive golf balls and the winners receive a Dunany glass.  Congratulations to everyone who participated.  Well done. 



Runner up - Barb Campbell (11 points)

Winner - Val McNicholl (12 points)



Runner up - Tie - Cathy Leslie and Barb Armstrong (8 points)

Winner - Tie - Angie Macleod and Lynn Palmer (9 points)



Runner up - Kate TIndale (10 points)

Winner - Isobel St. Georges (11 points)



Runner up - Tie - Lois Finch and Carol Wilson (9 points)

Winners - Careen Latt and Peggy Carroll (11 points)

Junior Trophies awarded in 2018


Junior Club Championship


Class A (36 holes)

Winner: Mark McLeod (189) (Winner of the Marshall Cup)

Runners-up: Fin Wightman (198) and Duncan Cook (198).   


Class B Boys (18 holes)

Winner: Tate Wightman 

Runners-up: Dylan Adams and Francis Pitre


Class B Girls (18 holes)

Winner: Nicole Adams (Winner of the Sutherland Cup) 

Runner-up: Amy McLeod.  


Class C (18 holes)

Winner: Jared Armitage


Class D Boys  (18 holes from 150 markers)

Winner:  Aidan DeVries-Cruise

Runner-up: Marc Newland.


Class D Girls (18 holes from 150 markers)

Winner: Jilliane Edey

Runner-up: Elizabeth Boucher



Class D Girls Emma Taylor

Class D Boys Marc Newland

Class C Boys Jared Armitage-Hogue (Runner-up Liam Cooke-Tatarelli)

Class B Girls Amy McLeod (Runner-up Nicole Adams)

Class B Boys Francis Pitre (Runner-up Tate Wightman)

Class A Mark McLeod & Fin Wightman  (Runner-up Luke Wightman)


Soper Shield (Match play for juniors under age 12 as of Jan 1)

Winner: Mark McLeod

Runner-up: Dylan Adams


Garth Fish Memorial Trophy (Match play for juniors 12 and over as of Jan 1)

Winner: Amy McLeod

Runner-up: Fin Wightman


The Sarah Hammond Trophy is awared to Amy McLeod

The David Everson Trophy is awarded to Shea Wightman


A description of trophies is available here

Match and Handicap

Congratulations to the winners of our 96th season and to everyone who got out and played.  We had terrific turnouts and the tournaments were played with passion in the spirit of good sportsmanship.  A great year and we are looking forward to next season.


Thank you to:

  • Jess and Annalies for an outstanding job keeping our members informed and helping with the tournaments. 

  • Our top flight Greens Team shepherded by Alan Morton and headed up by Chris Hart. You did a great job!

  • Cindy Aikman and her team for heroic effort in coordinating our communications and weekly Eblasts.

  • Peter Wright for posting our major tournament scores so far -flung members could follow the tournaments.

  • Catherine Spaulding for great work keeping the ship afloat.

  • My Assistants Chris Vroom for keeping us on time, Kevin Carter for helping with the draws and telling great golf stories and to Carl Demers at Prize Giving.

  • Our master Score Keepers; Betty Brydon and Marilyn Wynn

  • Our trophy polishers who did a spectacular job with the silverware. 

  • The family members who helped award our trophies.  It was an especially difficult year and you helped by connecting our past to the present.

  • To Ed Dubiel, our 5 time Club Champion, who honored us by presenting the Club Championship Wilson-Roy trophy to Kevin Carter.

  • Our Captains for doing such great jobs and allowing us all to simply play golf. 

  • Our outgoing Ladies Captain Dianne Vanstone. 

  • Jeff Adams for the enormous job he pulled off with ease and panache.

  • Rod Armstrong, Peter Wright and Rick Havill for excellent stewardship of the Senior Men’s, the Thursday Men’s Day and the Men’s Invitational.

  • Barb Armstrong who was my go-to shoulder to cry on. 

  • Jamie Armstrong and his Social Committee whose dedication and commitment allowed all our members to truly celebrate, not just golf but our way of life here in Dunany.

  • Lastly, a huge thank you to Duncan Campbell who oversaw an emotional Prize Giving as we remembered our dear friend and family member Ross Leslie. 

  • To the Leslie-Sutherland clan for helping award the 2018 Raguin-Leslie Trophy to this year’s winner Peter Wright. 


Let’s hope for more great weather to get out and play this fall. 

See you on the tee!

 Chrys Tindale - Club Captain


Fred McCracken 5 Lakes Trophy 2018

Winner: Black Lake

Jeff Adams

Trudy Adams

Kim Finch

Norm Ovenden

Dunany Fall Classic Saturday, September 8th!


A reminder to submit your team for the Fall Classic Tournament - shotgun start at 3 p.m. Last year was a lot of fun and I hope to see returning teams this year.  Don't forget to give your team a name, choose a captain and show up in team colours! Please email KevinHavill@gmail.com to register as soon as possible.


The format is a 4-person team with handicaps used to score the two low net scores per hole. You can create your own team or send me an email if you are interested in playing and we'll do our best to find a spot for you. 


Food is supper for $10 per person. If you're not planning to play, but want to come for the food, please send me an email so we can account for all people. 


Lastly, on Friday night we will be handing out prepped scorecards to each team in the clubhouse.  The bar will be open and teams are encouraged to come down and mentally prepare, or at least generate a bit of rivalry! Come on by after 8 p.m. (if nobody from the team can make it, then you will be able to get your scorecard before the shotgun start at the course).  

See you Saturday! 


-Kevin Havill

Thank you to our Starters Jessica Adams and Annalies Smith for doing an excellent job all summer long. We wish you the best of luck at school this year!

This has been our last edition of the Dunany Country Club Newsletter for the 2018 Season. We hope we kept you informed and connected to our wonderful community. With our very best wishes for a safe and healthy winter, we look forward to seeing you next summer!

The Team:  Cindy Aikman, Dianne Vanstone, Peter Wright, Chrys Tindale, Andrea Minty & Trudy Dundass