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The Dunany Country Club is a private 9-hole country course whose mission is to provide golfing and social facilities and activities for members at a modest cost.At its core the DCC:

  • Has a strong family orientation

  • Promotes and teaches the skills and tradition so f the game, particularly among junior members

  • Has competitive and non-competitive activities

  • Thrives on a high level of voluntary contribution

  • Is committed to environmental protection, and

  • Is a center of community fellowship, activities, social events and child development

This page outlines the various activities available to members and guests.

  • Men’s Day:  Every Thursday.  All Men ARE WELCOME.  (July and August)

  • Men’s Inter-sectionals:  Compete against other Clubs.   Teams for Senior and “Regular”; Qualification Required  (July/August)

  • Men's Cribbage Club:  Wednesday nights (July and August)

  • Ladies Opening and Closing Meetings:  set up activities for the season and provide information on results.  All Ladies welcome (June and August)

  • Ladies’ Day:  Every Wednesday.  All Ladies welcome (July & August)

  • Ladies’ Interclub:  Compete against other Clubs in the Laurentians.  All Ladies welcome – sign up required (May - July)

  • Ladies’ Inter-sectionals:  Compete against other Clubs.  All Ladies welcome – qualification required (July/August)

  • Ladies’ Lessons:  Group Lessons from our Pro.  Before and during Ladies’ Wednesday Golf – sign up required.  Check whether/when being offered each year

  • Junior Lessons:  Group lessons – Monday morning.  All Juniors 7 and up 

  • Junior Golf:  Tuesday morning.  All Juniors 8 years old and over 

  • Junior Sports Night:  Tuesday evening – all sorts of sports and crafts for all ages.  All Juniors welcome

  • Family Sports Day:  Test your skills at tag, soccer, rope pull; lots of activities for all ages! Dinner to follow.  All Juniors welcome and parents are encouraged to participate.  Usually the 3rd Thursday in July

  • Movie Night:  Thursday night - free popcorn, soft drinks and movies for (all ages) 

  • Club Night:  Thursday Nights (after movie night) ages 13-16 

Social Activities
  • Opening Dinner Dance:  Start the season by re-connecting with Summer friends.  All members welcome (June)

  • Ladies’ Cocktail Party:  To raise money for the Club by raffling off the amazing hand made Dunany Quilt.  All members welcome (July) 

  • Nine and Dines:  Nine Holes of Golf followed by a delicious dinner.  All members welcome (various times over the summer)

  • “Chico's” Talent Night:  Casual Lasagna dinner, followed by our juniours performing thir talents.  Focus on juniors – but all welcome!   (usually the 3rd Sunday in July)

  • Championship Dinner Dance:  Sit down dinner to celebrate the close of Championships.  All members are welcome.  (usually the 3rd Saturday in August)

  • Prize Giving, Cornboil and Music Jam:  Celebrate golf achievements, enjoy a casual dinner and have a great evening.  All members are welcome (Labour Day weekend)

  • Car Rally and Dinner:  Challenge yourself to driving and skills tests.  All members welcome (Thanksgiving Weekend)



  • Bridge Club:  Bring your game!  All welcome (July/August)

  • Quilting:  Be part of the famous Dunany Quilt.  All are welcome (May - July)

  • Walking Club:  Walk with new and current friends in a social environment.  All welcome.  (July/August)

  • SPANK Kayak, Canoe, or boat on different lakes.  Absorb a bit of Dunany history.  In conjunction with Dunany Community Association.  All welcome (July/August)

  • Glee Club"  Bring your voice – trained or untrained and let it be heard.  All welcome (July/August)

  • Yoga classes

  • Dancing Lessons (as available)


  • Member’s Green Day:  Opportunity to help clean up the course and club.  All welcome.  (May)

  • Annual General Meeting:  Hear what is happening at the Club; share ideas.  All welcome (June)

  • Join a Committee:  See Section 4 for the 10 different Board Committees  - volunteers always needed.  All welcome (All Summer)

  • Become a Junior Walker:  Various tournaments are held for our Junior golfers that require a 3rd party observer or walker.  All welcome (All Summer)

  • Help at Social events:  We need everything from set up crew to cooks and bartenders!  Have fun and contribute to your Club.  All welcome (All Summer)

  • Do some gardening:  In addition to Green Day, volunteers are required to plant and maintain flower beds over the summer.  All welcome

Other Activities
General Activities
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